Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Request for Pete Atkin

Does anyone have Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger / Driving Through America? Could you possibly rip it & share it with me? I have his other albums (thanks to a Dutch friend) and may upload them soon, but I need those two.

Vinyl rips are fine!

Oh - and by the way, I'm afraid that once a file is gone from Rapidshare it's *gone*. I don't have time to reupload all my old posts, sorry - I'm a working man now.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

wish i had known about your site before.good taste in music thats for sure.i'm trying to get area code 615(both albums)and flo and eddie (illegal etc).i know the files have gone but any idea where to get copies of the above......
thanks. dreamweaverguru

5:10 pm  
Anonymous Karel said...

Hi Jeremy,

I have "Beautiful Stranger" for you.
I'll do my very best to find that other one too.

9:45 pm  
Anonymous Karel said...


Sorry to disappoint you but I thought you wanted the song but of course you want the album! Which I don't have.

1:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CD of Beware of the Beautiful Stranger/Driving through Mythical America currently available from:
More recent Atkin CDs also available.

7:56 pm  

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