Friday, December 22, 2006

Airlift In The Desert

Here's another - to my mind - unique album.

The Lines were a post-punk band that toured with bands like The Cure, Bauhaus, The Birthday Party and so on. I don't know very much about them except that this is their second album and it's quite different from the first (Therapy) - much more atmospheric. I always think of it along with the Aeriel FX album, not sure why.

The band comprised Nicholas Cash, Richard Conning, Jo Forty, and Michael Linehan, and they recorded for Red Records.

There's not much info about them on the Web but you could try for a start.

Interesting thing - the final track (Respit) is the first track (Stripe) backwards. It sounds great either way!

The Lines - Ultramarine (1982)

1 - Stripe
2 - Airlift
3 - Tunnel Party
4 - Ursa Major
5 - Flood-Bank
6 - Fury
7 - Ultramarine
8 - Respit

IMPORTANT - I received an email from Dan Selzer of Acute Records ( saying that the Lines albums are about to be released on CD - hurrah!
For that reason I've removed the link and deleted the file from RS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Good job I kept my turntable..." if you delete the files to support the band it is ok.
But I must remind to all independent (or not) record companies that if it wasn't the blogs, p2p programms and the internet communities no-one never knew a lot of bands including the lines. I wonder why after so many years everybody wants to "support" the bands and not when the bands really wanted independent(or not) labels help ? why?
i know that some "independent companies" use p2p to collect songs for their releases...

(sorry for my english use your imagination but i think that you understand very well what i mean)

9:43 pm  

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