Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Will Never Pass This Way Again

Somebody asked, in a comment, whether I had any Helen And The Horns.


Nestling snugly between (Ofra) Haza and Help Yourself is my *autographed* (by Helen McCookerybook) copy of their only album. It's another lost gem from a totally unique band - and if you don't believe me, what other (loosely) country band do you know of with a lineup of acoustic guitar, trumpet, trombone, and alto sax?

Told ya.

Helen And The Horns (1985)

01 - Lonesome Country Boy
02 - Girl Versus Boy
03 - My Black Rose
04 - Oh Boy
05 - Northbound Train
06 - Two Strings To Your Bow (live)
07 - Snakebite (live)
08 - Southern Belle (live)
09 - Pioneer Town (live)
10 - Freight Train (live)


My old Rapidshare account runs out in about five days time, so all the links to will expire soon after. This means that most of my previous posts will have dead links and I don't intend to reupload them. Basically that's everything prior to the Microdisney stuff.

So if you want any of the Miracle Legion, Longdancer, Byzantium, etc., I suggest you grab them now.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Transfer your linx via the remote upload at the dotcom site so you can then keep them running.

Best Johnny

1:39 am  
Blogger Helen McCookerybook said...

Hello, Helen McCookerybook here!
There's a compilation that has this album on it out, and I've just released a new album, too.
Which gig did I autograph your vinyl at?
H McC :)

5:39 pm  
Blogger Witchseason said...

Hiya Helen

It was at the Robey - I was the sound engineer there for a while. No idea when, but only yourself, Tony and Dave autographed it, so maybe you were a 3-piece that night?

Where is the compilation available from? Would you like me to remove the album from Rapidshare?

Interested to hear about the new album, is it a similar style of music? And who did the brass arrangements for the old band, yourself or the guys?

Great to hear from you. I still love the album. Do you mind if I post some cassette copies of the Peel sessions as well?

Cheers m'dear

7:02 pm  
Blogger Helen McCookerybook said...

Have a look at details of albums on the front page and my mad blog on the rest. The new CD has some Horns stuff on it, and lots of new stuff. I used to do all the arrangements- hard work- for a non-trained musician! I've also got a myspace: which I put new stuff on regularly to see what people think of it.
I can't say about Peel session stuff- it's not my copyright. But if you do post it, why not get listeners to lobby for it to be released? It's so hard to get hold of; took two years to get hold of the live sessions for the CD! Might be a CD of Chefs stuff released in New Year, by a company in Peru.

7:48 pm  

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