Saturday, November 18, 2006

Claire Hamill, part two

Please don't give me grief about the bitrates. These are *my* rips, of *my* vinyl, that *I* have done for *my* purposes and that I am choosing to share. I listen to these tracks on my iPod, often on the move, with my in-ear buds, and for *my* purposes 128 is just fine and dandy. Plus, the albums are 30 years old, the turntable and stylus probably about the same, and I'm recording them via the MIC In socket on the front of my PC. I wouldn't get Hi-Fi out of that setup whatever the bitrate, even though I did spend time cleaning up the worst of the pops & crackles.

None of this stuff is available on CD, you're lucky to be able to hear it at all. If you like the albums enough to gripe about the bitrate, go on Amazon or Ebay or Gemm or Netsounds and pay ludicrous prices for the vinyl, then rip your own MP3s. Otherwise accept what you're getting from me for free.

(Dismounts high horse) And now, for the people on the Sandy Denny list (who regularly trade old tapes of *appalling* quality and are happy to get what they can), the third and fourth Claire Hamill albums.

Claire Hamill - Stage Door Johnnies (1974)

01 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
02 - Oh Daddy
03 - All The Cakes She Baked Him
04 - Trying To Work It Out
05 - Geronimo's Cadillac
06 - Something To Believe In
07 - You Know How Ladies Are
08 - You Take My Breath Away
09 - Go Now
10 - Luck Of The Draw
11 - Stage Door Johnnies

Claire Hamill - Abracadabra (1975)

(Gorgeous picture, eh? Some babe...)

01 - Rory
02 - Forbidden Fruit
03 - One Sunday Morning
04 - I Love You So
05 - For Sailors
06 - Jamaica
07 - Under A Piece Of Glass
08 - You Dear
09 - Maybe It Is
10 - In So Deep
11 - Celluloid Heroes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo on your bit rate rant. I can't understand how anyone can complain about a free service. Yet you see it all the time. And you got more polite requests than I've seen in other places. Unfrikkenbelievable.

Thank you for these totally unavailable albums.

3:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well you told them...thanx for the Claire Hamill's....

The Masked Man

8:03 am  
Blogger Marisol Garcia said...

Too bad they're gone....

5:22 pm  
Anonymous Jeffrey Jones said...

Just a note to let y'all know that "Stage Door Johnnies" is available on CD through Blueprint Records (

Great lovely wife hipped me to Ms. Hamill 'bout 20 years ago when we first met.

You can hear in Ms. Hamill where Kate Bush got her inspiration, maybe?

5:29 pm  

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