Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November Clouds My Eyes

Someone on the Sandy Denny mailing list mentioned Claire Hamill, and I realised that I hadn't any of her stuff on CD. A quick squizz through Amazon and other Web sites told me that her earlier stuff isn't available on CD, and so I'm going to post her first four albums here.

I was a huge fan of Island records in the 60s and 70s, believing that they could do no wrong, and I bought loads of their albums just on spec. Claire Hamill I discovered like this, and though I'm not sure that they've aged well I still think they're pretty good. Oh - and don't be put off by the opening 'Baseball Blues', it's not a good indicator of what's to come.

Claire Hamill - One House Left Standing (1971)

01 - Baseball Blues
02 - The Man Who Cannot See Tomorrow's Sunshine
03 - Consummation
04 - The River Song
05 - Where Are Your Smiles At
06 - When I Was A Child
07 - Urge For Going
08 - Flowers For Grandma
09 - The Phoenix
10 - Smile Your Blues Away


Claire Hamill - October (1973)

01 - Island
02 - To The Stars
03 - Stay Tonight
04 - Wall To Wall Carpeting
05 - Speedbreaker
06 - I Don't Get Any Older
07 - Warrior Of The Water
08 - The Artist
09 - Baby What's Wrong With You
10 - Sidney Gorgeous
11 - Crying Under the Bedclothes
12 - Peaceful



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post with good quality since 192k is the minimum bitrate for audio quality imo. I had never listen Claire Hamill and it sounds really fresh for me. Thanks so much for sharing these albums. ;-)

5:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

... so please repost the second one (October album) and further ones with at least 192k bitrates or higher if possible for you. Thanks you in advance ;-)

5:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interesting but could you please provide also in your comments the date of the albums and the bitrate encoding. These info are usually missing :-(. Thank you for taking care of this if you can.

5:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read the 3 comments above...come on guys....if you want the year `google` it, as for the bit rate use `DbPowerAmp` to re-encode it...your getting it for free what more do ya want ?? I for one am grateful just to get these fine albums that reconnect me with my past. Couldn't agree more with the comment about `Island ' one of the first samplers I ever bought was 'nice enough to eat` which had Nick Drake/Jethro Tull/Mott The Hoople/Blodwyn Pig/ Fairport Convention etc. on it... what a line up !!! Thanx again for the Claire Hammill...

The Masked Man

8:17 am  
Anonymous madron said...

128 is fine by me! Keep up the great work!!!! THANX!!!

8:40 pm  
Anonymous thegreek said...

Hi Folks!
Cold you please re-post the two
Claire Hamill records?
Thanks in advance, best regards
and comliment for great and competent work.
thegreek (Italy)

7:19 am  
Anonymous Dave B said...

Love this blog.

Only thing I can remember about Claire Hamill was from seeing her on The Old Grey Whistle Test early 70's and her dedicating the songs to all the skinheads in Middlesbrough!

Nice one Claire.

PS: people who complain about missing info, bit rates etc on music they are downloading FREE from someone else's blog should get a life, or better still go and buy the music from Amazon or somewhere and stop being knobs.

10:24 pm  

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