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Discussing The Snooker

As any fule kno, The Chameleons were, along with The Comsat Angels and The Sound, one of the best bands of the 80s. NO ARGUMENT.

When the Chams broke up Mark Burgess and John Lever formed The Sun And The Moon. I waited for the album and bought it ASAP but something was wrong - it sounded like the Chams but without any guts or conviction in the playing. Clearly Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding were more than just the guitarists.

A year or so later the 12" EP 'Alive Not Dead' came out and though it sounded a bit better it still wasn't great. They split up not long afterwards and eventually the Chams reformed in the 90s for some excellent albums including an unplugged acoustic greatest hits album.

If you like The Chameleons you'll probably like these as well though you may not love them. If you like these albums then please buy all the Chameleons albums. And if you don't like the Chameleons - WHY THE HELL NOT???

The Sun And The Moon - The Sun And The Moon (1988)

01 - The Speed Of Life
02 - Death Of Imagination
03 - A Matter Of Conscience
04 - Peace In Our Time
05 - Dolphin
06 - House On Fire
07 - The Price Of Grain
08 - Limboland
09 - A Picture Of England
10 - This Passionate Breed
11 - The Boy Who Sees Everything (bonus track from 12" single)
12 - I Love You, You Bastard (bonus track from 12" single)

The Sun And The Moon - Alive, Not Dead (1989)

01 - Adam's song (for Fenella)
02 - C'est La Vie
03 - Arabs & Americans
04 - Elected


Anonymous Glen said...

I'm American, but bought my first Chameleons tape at the only record shop in Sligo, Ireland, in the pouring rain, at a moment when I felt metaphorically and physically farther from home than I could ever remember. I was twenty, recently had split with a longtime girlfriend, out of touch with everyone I'd ever known due to an extended postal strike, and weirdly content to be melancholy and alone. In other words, I was in IDEAL Chameleons mood, and that tape and this band remain cornerstones for me. The saddest part about these pretty good Sun and the Moon recordings is that they're by far the best thing anyone associated with the band has done outside the band. Something about the chemistry, despite the fact that they just can't seem to hold together...

7:38 pm  
Blogger Robert Maelstrom said...

Sorry to interrupt this programme but I just watched a wonderful documentary on BBC4 called California Dreamin' it's repeated again all this week...some pretty cool archive footage and interviews...IF you are an old hippy like me you will love this...oh and here's a link to a Crosby interview online at the beebs website at the mo...I am now listenin to the sun and the moon...mmm...good stuff...

link to croz :


11:19 pm  
Blogger Robert Maelstrom said...

darn you need to make the window really wide to get the whole url..

11:23 pm  
Blogger Middleman said...

When the Chameleons released Strange Times on Geffen in 1986 I really believed they would at last become the major label success after years of being an indie cult obsession. Alas their single Tears/Swamp Thing stalled in the UK singles chart in the 40's after limited airplay ( janice Long Played it)they imploded, and Geffen cut their losses by releasing Mark Burgess's Sun and The Moon a year later. Gutted by the loss of the Chameleon's I was thankfull for this offering. their association with Geffen ended soon after. My cassette copy of the Album died years ago so many thanks for this link! also amazed to find the Chameleons , Comsats and the Sound all mentioned. ( only found you after searching for Joanna Carlin ) Cheers .

9:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you could post the comsat angels 7 day weekend, would be greatly appreciated, I cant find anywhere- thanks,Kai

9:58 pm  

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