Thursday, January 04, 2007

Don't Know What To Call This One

'Cos it's a real quick bash together of some more great tracks from great albums. No real link between them. A QUICK FAVOUR - has anyone got any of the early Pete Atkin albums that they can rip for me? Master Of The Revels etc - they're not available *anywhere* and I'd be *so* grateful. So now, back to the records.
  • Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World (from So Many Roads, 1974) - try and ignore Donna's awful wailing and just enjoy the groove!
  • Ian Matthews - The Fault (from Some Days You Eat The Bear, 1974)
  • Modern English - Tables Turning (from After The Snow, 1982)
  • Richard Thompson - The Egypt Room (from Hokey Pokey, 1972)
  • Roy Harper - The Same Old Rock (from Stormcock, 1971)
  • Stackridge - Hey Good Looking (from the original Mr Mick, 1976)
  • Stereolab - Doubt (from Switched On Volume One, 1992)


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