Friday, December 22, 2006

Singing Out Loud On The Underground

Every so often my iPod (which I keep on shuffle most of the time) whacks me with a track that is so good that it - literally - stops me in my tracks. Last night it was 'Welcome Now' - as perfect a piece of pop as you will ever hear although hardly typical of Eyeless In Gaza - that had me singing aloud at the top of my voice as I exited Seven Sisters station. I got a few odd looks...

As luck would have it, after Welcome Now the iPod played 'Just Walk In My Shoes' by Peter Jay And The Jaywalkers (with the magnificent Terry Reid on lead vox), and then 'Who Do You Love' by Quicksilver which, along with the Greasy Truckers version of Spunk Rock, pretty much justifies the existence of live albums on its own.

Anyway, here is the first of a number of compilations that I'm going to post over Christmas. Unlike my other postings, all of these tracks *are* available on albums and I'd urge you to go out and buy the originals because you won't be disappointed.

JHB prima ipod tracks volume one

  • David Crosby - The Wall Song (from Graham Nash David Crosby, 1972)
  • Deke Leonard - Razor Blade And Rattlesnake (from Iceberg, 1972)
  • Eyeless In Gaza - Welcome Now (from Back From The Rains, 1986)
  • Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity - Let The Sunshine In (from Streetnoise, 1969)
  • Keith Christmas - Forest And The Shore (from Pigmy, 1971)
  • Modern English - Tables Turning (from After The Snow, 1982)
  • Paul McCartney - Monkberry Moon Delight (from Ram, 1971)
  • Stephen Stills - Cherokee (from Stephen Stills, 1970)
  • The Comsat Angels - Island Heart (from Time Considered, 1984)
  • The Doors - Queen Of The Highway (from Morrison Hotel, 1970)
  • The Faces - You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything (from Snakes And Ladders - The Best Of The Faces, 1974)
  • The Sound - Temperature Drop (from Heads And Hearts, 1985)


Anonymous Robert said...

Brilliant !!!

Excellent list .. great idea.

It's not often one gets to see Deke Leonards name in print let alone hear him.

Great stuff


PS: You wouldn't have Neutrons 'Black Hole Star' ?

10:47 pm  
Blogger Witchseason said...

I do have Black Hole Star but I haven't ripped it yet. Anyway it's available from Amazon, so I wouldn't post it even if I had ripped it.

Have you read Deke's books? They're both hilarious!

1:05 pm  
Anonymous Robert said...

Available from Amazon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christ I must have been in a coma ..

I have both the books .. Lunatics especially had me going .. fantastic.

Thanks for the nod on Black Hole ..

I just ordered it .. :-)

Brilliant blog

Have a great Christmas

4:03 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great mix. Thanks.

6:06 pm  
Blogger Stephen Simmonds said...

Ta. Interesting to take a dabble, especially slightly aslant of the music I'm familiar with. The Faces is one of only two tracks I'd heard before, and then, not for 30-odd years.

Not sure about your fascination for the Sound. But I have a healthy respect for Comsat Angels. Recommend Empty House. And I gave Modern English's Mesh And Lace a good thrashing, although I didn't get a lot out of their subsequent work.

Crosby: I certainly bumped up my esteem for him after listening to If Only I Could Remember My Name...

But I have a bone to pick with Morrison Hotel. Or the people that listen to it. For some reason, people pick out this song or that song, yet always overlook Blue Sunday. Languid for a Sunday afternoon.

12:33 pm  

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