Tuesday, January 02, 2007

There Were Houses, There Were Hoses

I can honestly say that I've only ever heard one song that contains the words 'ironing board', and that's 'The Yard Went On Forever' by Jimmy Webb and sung by Richard Harris on the album of the same name. Pompous, grandiose, self-important twaddle - but magnificent. From that album, 'Interim'. This is the last of the festive compilations - apart from maybe one more - and today they're more listenalong than singalong. All marvellous and all from great albums. And yes, Marc Bolan *was* a great songwriter. If you only know the T Rex stuff, do yourself a favour and buy Unicorn - it's marvellous. Of course, when put next to Lennon/McCartney he was a minnow - who else could write & record a song like All My Loving and then not even release it as a single???
  • Jake Thackray - The Poor Sod (from On Again, On Again, 1977)
  • Michel Polnareff - Le Bal Des Laze (from Le Bal Des Laze, 1968)
  • Richard Harris - Interim (from The Yard Went On Forever, 1969)
  • Sad Lovers And Giants - Far From The Sea (from Epic Garden Music, 1982)
  • Spirogyra - World's Eyes (from Old Boot Wine, 1972)
  • Swans - Mind-Body-Light-Sound (from The Great Annihilator, 1995)
  • The Beach Boys - Surf's Up (from Surf's Up, 1971)
  • The Beatles - All My Loving (from With The Beatles, 1963)
  • The Incredible String Band - Three Is A Green Crown (from The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, 1968)
  • Touchstone - Invisible Wings & Faoilean (from Jealousy, 1984)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex - A Daye Laye (from A Beard Of Stars, 1970)
  • Wishbone Ash - Vas Dis (from Pilgrimage, 1971)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most memorable mention, in song, of the humble ironing board has to be the song 'Father's Lying Dead on the Ironing Board' by the incomparable Agnes Bernelle. I believe that the late Agnes was a favourite of Elvis Costello, showing that he is stll capable of demonstrating good taste despite having not made a decent record for 20 odd years.

Great blog, keep up the good work.

9:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Epic Garden Music

Tree House Poetry

Sad Lovers and Giants

9:14 pm  

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