Wednesday, February 14, 2007

4AD-Day part two

I had a sort of hope that some of the Cocteau Twins albums might no longer be available (so that I could post them here) but no such luck - Amazon seems to have the whole lot.

More surprisingly, the 2nd and 3rd Modern English albums are also available. Jesus I *love* those records - and they are probably the most played CDs in my car (though not when the missus is there, she don't like 'em)

BUT only one of the three Xmal Deutschland albums is still available - admittedly it is the best one but it means that I can post Fetisch and Viva here without guilt.

If you like either of these I suggest you hotfoot to Amazon or the 4AD site and buy Tocsin - it's the best of the three by quite a long way.

Xmal Deutschland - Fetisch (1983)

01 - Qual 02 - Geheimnis 03 - Young Man 04 - Orient 05 - In Der Nacht 06 - Hand In Hand 07 - Kaempfe 08 - Danthe 09 - Boomerang 10 - Stummes Kind

Xmal Deutschland - Viva (1987)

01 - Matador 02 - Eisengrau 03 - Sickle Moon 04 - If Only 05 - Feuerwerk 06 - Morning 07 - Manchmal 08 - Polarlicht 09 - Ozean 10 - Dogmat 11 - Sickle Moon (12'' mix) 12 - Illusion (version) 13 - In Onyx


Blogger Justin said...

I think the Cocteau Twins are most underrated band of the 80's. 4AD is such a great label. I'll try these. Thanks!

3:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Looks like I missed some good stuff.

6:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. I dare to enjoy the more "commercial" stuff like Matador. The ├╝bercool band's name goes back to a book by Rudolf Walter Leonhardt. Next to "X-Mal Deutschland" this guy also wrote the book "Haschisch Report" beginning of the 70s...
never read one of his works though.

7:18 pm  
Anonymous ss said...

Fetish by Xmal is the first LP I ever bought!

I always thought it was the best one. Maybe I 'really' do need to dig them all out and remind myself.

Thank you very much for the memories.

1:46 am  

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