Friday, May 25, 2007

Eight Years Later I'm A Pervert

...quote from my earlier post One Time, One Life:

OK. When I was at secondary school (William Ellis school, north London) there were three main bands there - Narcissus (my band), Landslide (slightly younger kids but better musicians, played at Windsor free festival with me on lead vocals) and Sore Throat.

Sore Throat was Matthew Flowers on keyboards, Danny Flowers on bass, Reid Savage on guitar, Greg Mason on sax, and Robin Knapp on drums. Soon Justin Ward joined on lead vocals and manic frontperson personality, then Robin was replaced by Clive Kirby from Landslide. They played a residency at the Stapleton in Stroud Green and also the Pindar Of Wakefield in Kings Cross. They were a great live band, and for me one of the highlights was Reid's guitar playing and onstage antics (he'd end up being strangled and 'dying' on stage while playing the most incredible solos).

When Sore Throat broke up, Reid joined Way Of The West...

...and the story continues over at my other post. The WOTW download is HERE.

Anyway, the other day I posted a link to what I thought was my re-upload of the collected Sore Throat but as it happened I had never posted them before. I only thought I had. So I reckoned that the old skool band deserved a post of their very own - so here it is.

PS: Some thieving toerag has halfinched my little biog of Sore Throat and posted it at - still I suppose I mustn't grumble.

Sore Throat – Sooner Than You Think

01 - 01 - Wonder Drug
01 - 02 - Seventh Heaven
01 - 03 - Flak Jacket
01 - 04 - Routine Patrol
01 - 05 - British Subject
01 - 06 - Mr Right
01 - 07 - Off The Hook
01 - 08 - Crackdown
01 - 09 - Sooner Than You Think

Sore Throat – the singles

00 - 01 - I Dunno
00 - 02 - Complex
00 - 03 - Zombie Rock
00 - 04 - I Don't Wanna Go Home
00 - 05 - Kamikaze Kid
00 - 06 - Crackdown (single version)


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Blogger blogward said...

FWIW Sore Throat started out as 'Jam' (yes, before 'The Jam'). Justin replaced Aidan Heed on vocals AND harp before they were ST - 'Juice' was considered for a while. Greg coined the name Sore Throat from an ad for cough sweets. A video of 'Off the Hook' is available on YouTube if you search for 'That's it fellers'. There's a thrash band called Sore Throat from about 1986 which have nothing to do with the original.

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