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Remember A Time When You Were Young

The 'Paisley Underground' scene of the mid-80s threw up quite a few good bands - Green On Red, Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate and The Long Ryders to name four of the best - but twenty years on only one band still features on my all-time greatest albums list.

There is a sheer joy and exuberance on these two albums that just makes me want to smile and shout along whenever I hear songs like 'Tomorrow', 'Stupid Einstein', 'And So We Run' - think Monkees crossed with Byrds on the best and most benevolent trip ever. OK, so 'As Real As Real' is 'Tomorrow Never Knows' near as dammit, but it's a knowing homage.

Simply two of the best power pop albums ever, and if you don't grin like a fool through most of thesetracks you've no heart.

Thy did make 3 more albums after these two but they just didn't cut it for me. Like so many other bands, once they learn how to play properly they become much less inventive, much more serious, much less fun.

Thanks to Anonymous for suggesting this post.

The Three O'Clock - Baroque Hoedown (1982)

01 - With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend
02 - I Go Wild
03 - Marjorie Tells Me
04 - Sorry
05 - As Real As Real
06 - Around The World

The Three O'Clock - Sixteen Tambourines (1983)

01 - Jet Fighter
02 - Stupid Einstein
03 - And So We Run
04 - Fall To The Ground
05 - A Day In Erotica
06 - Tomorrow
07 - In My Own Time
08 - On My Own
09 - When Lightning Starts
10 - Seeing Is Believing


Blogger Neilson said...

I'm glad to see someone else who remembers those mid 80's bands. I particularly loved the Long Ryders, who were really much more part of the "cowpunk" scene then the paisley underground. Come to think of it, Green on Red were really cowpunk too, at least on the album "No Free Lunch".

9:49 pm  
Blogger Soapy said...

You might enjoy these three bonus tracks from the French release of Baroque Hoedown.

11:32 pm  
Blogger Dennis said...

So Now I am trying to find the rest of the Paisley Underground stuff. I own quite a bit and I have ordered some out of date CD's.

Thanks for getting me started with this great stuff.

It brings back memories, some fond, some not so fond. ;-)

5:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Three O'Clock - Sixteen Tambourines: *Not* available as far as I can see and so a prime candidate for uploading. Watch this space."

Actually, both Baroque Hoedown and Sixteen Tambourines were reissued on a two-fer CD by the original label, Frontier, in 1993. Easily found on Amazon and elsewhere.

I suspect label owner Lisa Fancher could use the sales.

7:16 am  
Blogger Witchseason said...

Well OK - I checked Amazon in the UK (that's where I live) and it's not available, but you're right and it *is* available from Amazon dot com. I'll remove the file.

5:02 pm  
Anonymous fadingface said...

noo! please can somebody please upload these again. i've been searching for these for years! i even paid for a copy of both that i found on ebay but they never arrived.

11:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The song "Tomorrow" on Sixteen Tambourines is not the same as the "Tomorrow" on the 2fer cd. I've been trying for months now to get the "original" and I can't find it. Please re-upload this song at least. Thanks....

1:58 am  
Blogger Sir Nathaniel Whitford said...

This is a fantastic blog! Please re-up these great albums. I've been trying to find them forever!

11:39 pm  

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