Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dreamin' On For You, Baby

First, a bit of a rant (well I haven't done this for a while) about some of the comments that I get for these posts. How would you react if someone said (quote): "Reeeee-Up! Dead link dude. :-)"? Well my reaction is to say "in a pig's ear I will", especially since the album in question (Illegal, Immoral And Fattening) is now available as a twofer from Amazon - as are the other Flo & Eddie albums. And as for "could you post something good by janis lan in lossless format(ape or flac), PLEASE. It is very important for me!!!" - nope. Don't think I will. I only post stuff you can't buy, and I only post MP3s. Don't like it? Go somewhere else.

News? Robin Dransfield's wonderful Tidewave album is now available from Hux records - go buy it and tell them I sent you. Also, Thom Moore (from the wonderful Pumpkinhead and Midnight Well) contacted me to say 1) he doesn't mind my posting his albums (so go get them from here) and 2) he's still producing music - see http://www.thommooremusic.com/home.html.

Now... I have all three of Andy Gibb's albums on vinyl, and also bought them on CD (several years ago now). I think they're great, all three of them. To my mind they encapsulate all that was good about the Bee Gees, without the horrible squeaky voices - in other words, damn good pop songs in-a-disco-stylee. I've been meaning to post these for ages - sorry I've been rather lax recently but I'm working fulltime & so don't get much time to prepare posts.

Hey - I just checked Amazon, and Flowing Rivers is going for £35 used or £68.55 new, Shadow Dancing is £66.35 used or £96.50 used, and After Dark is £101.76 used and £102.97 new. Over a hundred squids? "Five weeks? Blimey!", as you might say. A big pile of poo to that.

They're not available on CD any more, so here they are in all their digital glory - for free. Yar boo sucks to whoever is trying to charge such stupid prices.

BTW Shadow Dancing is a repost - see http://witchseason.blogspot.com/2007/05/all-this-and-nothing-more.html

Andy Gibb - Flowing Rivers (1977)

Andy's first album, more poppy and less BeeGee-influenced than his later ones. Nice.

01 - I Just Want To Be Your Everything
02 - Words And Music
03 - Dance To The Light Of The Morning
04 - Too Many Looks In Your Eyes
05 - Starlight
06 - (Love Is) Thicker Than Water
07 - Flowing Rivers
08 - Come Home For The Winter
09 - Let It Be Me
10 - In The End

Download Flowing Rivers

Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing (1978)

The second album, a chart success and deservedly so.

01 - Shadow Dancing
02 - Why
03 - Fool For A Night
04 - An Everlasting Love
05 - (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
06 - One More Look At The Night
07 - Melody
08 - I Go For You
09 - Good Feeling
10 - Waiting For You

Download Shadow Dancing

Andy Gibb - After Dark (1980)

The third and last album. From what I hear he was already in a bad way when he made this, so the brothers' influence is stronger. The final track is a real tear-jerker.

01 - After Dark
02 - Desire
03 - Wherever You Are
04 - Warm Ride
05 - Rest Your Love On Me
06 - I Can't Help It
07 - One Love
08 - Someone I Ain't
10 - Dreamin' On

Download After Dark


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic site you have here. I found Jesse Colin Young, Laura Nyro, and many artists I would like to know better. Oh yes, I would love to hear Andy Gibb again. Many thanks from the Philippines!

8:42 am  
Blogger arcel said...

cool collection, i love classic music

3:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you for the wondrous "Phoenix Concerts". Ciao from Italy.

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