Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yucky Dar & Sospan Fach to you too, boyo

For someone who's half Welsh my knowledge of Welsh music is pitiful. Man, Harry Secombe, Shirley Bassey, and... err... Ar Log.

I bought this album the same day that I bought the Fiddlers Dram album, while researching music - well, OK, trying to find songs to steal - for my band 'Brahms And Liszt'. From what I understand the band is still going - in fact, Wikipedia has this to say about them:

Ar Log are a well-established folk band in Wales who have performed since the 1970s. They perform both instrumental music and songs in Welsh. Their name in Welsh means For Hire. Somebody once called them "Rent-a-Group" for reasons which are lost in the mists of time.
The original 1976 members were Dave Burns (guitar), Dafydd Roberts (triple harp, flute), Gwyndaf Roberts (knee harp and bass) and Iolo Jones (fiddle). The four individuals were brought together by the Welsh Tourist Board, who were eager that a Welsh traditional group should represent the nation at that year's Interceltique festival in Lorient. Here they met The Dubliners, who suggested that they should stay together and turn professional. During this period, the group released the first of several eponymous albums: Ar Log.

And so on.

AR LOG - AR LOG (1978)

01 - Rali Twm Sion & Ymdaith Gwyr Dyfnaint
02 - Y Blewyn Glas
03 - Difyrrwch Corbet O Ynys Maengwyn & Difyrrwch Gwyr Dolgellau & Ymdaith Caerfifili & Ty Coch Caerdydd
04 - Ar lan Y Mor
05 - Dainty Davey & Hoffedd Ap Hywel
06 - Y Gwcw Fach
07 - Hafoty Fraich Ddu & Y Gelynnen & Y Lili
08 - Y Harbwr Croc
09 - Breuddwyd Y Frenhines & Per Oslef
10 - Cerdd Y Gog Lwydlas
11 - Clychau Aberdyfi & Bugail Aberdyfi
12 - Ffidl FFadl & Y Delyn Newydd
13 - Tra Bo Dau
14 - Glan Bran & Ymgyrch-don Waenlwyd


Anonymous Toronto said...

Well, I'm glad you're back. Wasn't sure for a while, there. Thanks for Ar Log -- this was one of the first folk records I ever took out of Mansfield library in the days when I knew nothing about the music and would innocently try anything. I don't remember much about it -- don't think I even troubled to tape it -- but the cover and name instantly rang a bell.

And thanks for your "no available recordings" policy. I have compromised my own ethical standards way too many times at the groaning table of Lizardson, and would rather the temptation would just go away. It's not as though I can even listen to all the UNavailable stuff I download....


3:59 am  
Anonymous valleyboy said...

Do you have any more Welsh stuff, or know of anywhere I can Find some?
My mother hankers over hearing stuff by Jack a Will , Ryan Davies, Hogia'r Wyddfa and the like!

4:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too, would be very grateful if other vinyl Ar Log albums (II & 3) would appear in these pages.

10:40 am  

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