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Where, Are My Batting Gloves?

Not much to say about these two. If you liked the Grimms albums you'll probably like these (they're basically the same people). Fresh Liver is the better of the two, Sold Out is a bit... 'sold out', really, although among the dross of 'Lord Of The Dance' and 'Hokey Cokey' there's also 'Julery Shop Lesley', which is super gosh crikey oh yarse. Oh - and 'Jennings' on 'Fishfirars' is none other than Tim Rice, who produced the album.

Scaffold - Fresh Liver (1973)

Song side
1) Knickers (McGear/McGough/Gorman)
2) Devon's Dead (McGear/McGough)
3) Plenty of Time (McGear/McGough)
4) Fagorf (Gorman/Megginson)
5) Fax 'n' Figgers (McGear/McGough)
6) Nuclear Band (McGear/McGough)
7) W.P.C. Hodges (Gorman)
8) Knickers (McGear/McGough/Gorman)

Words and Music Side
9) Aren't We All? (McGough/Megginson)
10) Twist (McGough)
11) Psychiatrist (McGough)
12) Deep North (McGough)
13) Fish (McGough/Roberts)
14) Fishfriars (McGough)
15) S.S. (McGough)
16) I Remember (McGough/Innes)


Scaffold - Sold Out (1975)

1) Liverpool Lou (Behan) (produced by Paul McCartney)
2) Potato Clock (McGough-McGear)
3) Mingulay Boating Song (Trad. arr. Scaffold)
4) Ramsbottom (Fisher) (parody of Chicago [the song])
5) Beilins Boneyard (McGough)
6) Liverpool Girls (Trad. arr. Scaffold)
7) Cokey Cokey (Kennedy)
8) Pack of Cards (McGough-McGear)
9) Mummy Won't Be Home For Christmas (McGough-McGear)
10) Leaving of Liverpool (Trad. arr. Scaffold)
11) Julery Shop Lesley (Harvey)
12) Lord of the Dance (Carter)


This Here Next One's Rock And Roll

Thirty-odd years ago there was one music magazine that stood head and shoulders above all the others - the mighty Zigzag. As luck would have it, the first issue that I ever bought (no. 23, December 1971) featured the results of a readers' poll (and Rory Gallagher on the cover). So here, nearly 36 years on, I republish the results of the 'top albums of all time' part of that poll.

1) Forever Changes
2) Sgt Pepper
3) Blonde On Blonde
4) Notorious Byrd Brothers
5) Highway 61 Revisited
6) Hot Rats
7) Happy Trails
8) Doors 1st
9) Electric Ladyland
10) Live Dead
11) Liege And Lief
12) Sailor
13) After Bathing At Baxters
14) Abbey Road
15) Astral Weeks
16) The Band
17) Every Picture Tells A Story
18) American Beauty
19) After The Goldrush
20) The Velvet Underground & Nico
21) Tommy
22) White Light White Heat
23) Electric Music For The Mind And Body
24) Ummagumma
25) Court Of The Crimson King
26) Are You Experienced
27) What We Did On Our Holidays
28) Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
29) Wheels Of Fire
30) Déjà vu

Considering that this was over 35 years ago, and obviously *loads* of great albums hadn't been released or recorded - or dreamed of… or the artist wasn't even *born* yet… I think it's a pretty good list. There are only two albums that I'd definitely argue shouldn't be there - Ummagumma and Pepper. Oh, and maybe Sailor as well. I won't try to suggest replacements for them (though you're welcome to, in your comments).

I deliberately haven't listed the artists' names - it wasn't necessary in the original magazine and if you were on the same kinda wavelength as I was then it shouldn't be necessary now.

Of course, all of these albums are still available so I won't post any of them, but I will take the opportunity to repost the 'Maiden Of The Cancer Moon' QMS bootleg. It's *similar* to Happy Trails, but not the same. Recorded earlier, in 1967.

And if you haven't got Happy Trails, why the heck not???

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Maiden Of The Cancer Moon (1968)

1. Back Door Man
2. Codine
3. Mona / Maiden Of The Cancer Moon / Mona
4. Gold & Silver
5. Smokestack Lightning
6. Light Your Windows
7. Dino's Song
8. The Fool
9. Who Do You Love ?
10. Mona / Maiden Of The Cancer Moon / Mona



Anonymous ge said...

Hot Rats!? = madness, the first 3 Zappa-Mothers's much more classic...then lose 'Umma', add 'Piper' & they be getting close!

8:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the Scaffold posts. Much appreciated - they were such an under-rated bunch!

I love your site - it's tip-top

Best wishes from a near-neighbour in leafy London, N22

7:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Witchseason,
I got rid of my turntable a long while back; I also lost a lot of my albums over the years — including Maiden of the SIlver Moon, an old favorite with nigh on classic status in my household. But I never heard this live@Filmore set before! Nice one.
As for my collection (incomplete) of Zigzags: yes I have them carefully stashed away in storage, along with the old Oz and ITs. What a great zine that was; it turned me on to lots a brilliant music — I loved those family trees of the bands.

Thanks for keeping the memories alive and well...
and for posting all these sounds.

cheers from Japan,
Taro Nombei

3:35 am  
Anonymous mike-floyd said...


different songlist as noted here - trax from 1967, not THE MAIDEN OF THE CANCER MOON semi bootleg as suggested by the cover.
Great music anyway.

11:28 pm  
Blogger ozon45 said...

Thanks for the QMS. I don't understand why you would remove Pepper from the list. Popularity cannot ruin it. I'd replace Hot Rats with We're Only In It For The Money. Good job not posting available material. You are to be commended.

ozon45 (Boston, MA USA)

3:03 pm  
Anonymous E.Baba said...

hi all

Just trying to replace my vinyl without having to rip it myself.
The link to this seems to be down again. :(
Did find it on PirateBay torrent. Apparently ripped from CD called 'The Unreleased Quicksilver Messenger Service' but there is no info. as to which label it's on. !!

10:13 pm  
Anonymous E.Baba said...

info. for CD release:

Artist: Quicksilver Messenger Service Release Date: Dec 15, 2004
Format: CD Record Label: Collectors' Choice Music
Number of Discs: 2 Discs UPC: 617742010923

Distributor: E1 Distribution (USA)

found this on EBay. comes with 2nd Disc of 'unreleased'

10:55 pm  
Anonymous E.Baba said...

Re-up yay :)

But is still not 'Maiden of the Cancer Moon' !!

10:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Witchseaspn. thanks for your site. it's cool. Cheers.

9:36 am  

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