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Easter Treats

First, some news.

I've been contacted by a guy at Hux records, who says that they are releasing Robin Dransfield's excellent 'Tidewave' album on CD shortly, along with a live performance from (he said) 1972. He may be right, but as far as I was aware Robin was mainly working as a duo with Barry in '72 - and this would predate 'Tidewave' by some seven years. Either way, I'm looking forward to this and I'll certainly buy it. So should you.

Hux are also planning to release the two Longdancer albums as well, though I've no dates for this & it could be a while off. No matter, I've ripped the vinyl and can wait for the CDs.

In the meantime, I've removed the relevant files from Rapidshare - if you wanted them, too bad. You'll have to buy them (or look elsewhere...)

Also, I got an email from Jon Owen of the Global Village Trucking Company:

Well hello again to you all.
The latest I hear is that the series that the show is in will begin in mid April but not confirmed yet. The other news is that emails are flying all over the world strongly hinting at some appearances during the summer months. Nothing definite but if you know your friendly local festival organiser then a little lobbying could be useful. I would love to play away in Southwold again!


Jon O

So we'll all look forward to that.

Now, on to today's albums. Five reposts and a new one - lets start with that.

Eire Apparent - Sunrise (1969)

Welcome to the Ernie Graham Appreciation Society.

Eire Apparent were a psych band from Belfast, featuring Ernie Graham and Henry McCullogh on guitar & vocals.

This album (for which, many thanks to two great friends of GJIKMT - Hi Nel & George) was made in 1969 and was produced by Jimi Hendrix, who also plays on a few tracks - not sure which ones but he's clearly there on some of them. Henry McCulloght went on to the GRease Band and Wings, Ernie Graham made a wonderful solo album, joined the fantastic Help Yourself, then joined Clancy - see below - and recorded a single for Stiff. Which stiffed.

01 - Yes I Need Someone
02 - Got To Get Away
03 - The Clown
04 - Mr - Guy Fawkes
05 - Someone Is Sure To (Want You)
06 - Rock 'N' Roll Band
07 - Morning Glory
08 - Magic Carpet
09 - Captive In The Sun
10 - Let Me Stay
11 - 1026

Download Eire Apparent - Eire Apparent

Clancy - Seriously Speaking (1975)

Clancy were a pub/college band in the 70s - sort of like the Average White Band without the hrons. I liked them.

01 - 01 - Back On Love
01 - 02 - Lose Me
01 - 03 - Body To Body
01 - 04 - Steal Away
01 - 05 - Sign Of The Times
01 - 06 - Southern Boogie
01 - 07 - Money
01 - 08 - Long Time Comin'
01 - 09 - Move On
01 - 10 - Eat Gook
BONUS TRACK - Mary Black - Anachie Gordon

Download Clancy - Seriously Speaking

Clancy - Every Day (1976)

02 - 01 - Working Together
02 - 02 - Time Taker
02 - 03 - Seconds Out
02 - 04 - You Have Made My Life So Sweet
02 - 05 - Jeka Jose
02 - 06 - You Don't Understand
02 - 07 - Good Judgement
02 - 08 - Jealousy
BONUS TRACK - The Sound - Golden Soldiers

Download Clancy - Every Day

Byzantium - Byzantium (1972)

(repost from original posting, June 2006)

OK - here goes. I've been really impressed by some of the old vinyl that has been ripped and posted on blogs around here so I've decided to add some of my own. To the best of my knowledge, none of this stuff is commercially available, so I don't think I'm breaking any laws. If the record companies (is that still what they're called?) decide to reissue any of this stuff it'd be a different matter - but frankly I can't see it. So here are the two officially released Byzantium albums from 72/73, plus the unreleased 3rd album. Chaz Jankel (gtr) went on to join the Blockheads, Robin Lamble (bass) played with Al Stewart (BTW he was the brother of Fairport's original drummer Martin), Mick Barakan changed his name to Shane Fontayne and is now with Marc Cohn, and as for Jamie Rubinstein and Stevie Corduner - no idea what happened to them.

BTW the title of the original post ('Byzantium Were Unable To Appear Owing To A Power Cut') refers to the fact that Byzantium were on the bill of the gig that was recorded and released as Greasy Truckers Party, with Man, Hawkwind and Brinsley Schwartz. If there hadn't been a pwer cut and they had appeared, and been on the album, their career might have gone a different way - they were a cracking live band as I remember (and I saw them *lots* of times).

01 - What Is Happening
02 - I Am A Stranger To My Life
03 - Come Fair One
04 - Baby I Can Hear You Calling Me
05 - Trade Wind
06 - Into The Country
07 - Lady Friend
08 - Why Or Maybe It's Because

Download Byzantium - Byzantium

Byzantium - Seasons Changing (1973)

01 - What A Coincidence
02 - My Season's Changing With The Sun
03 - Show Me The Way
04 - I'll Always Be Your Friend
05 - October Andy
06 - Something You Said - A Trilogy

Download Byzantium - Seasons Changing

Byzantium - Live And Studio (1974)

01 - I'll Just Take My Time
02 - Surely Peace Will Come To Those Who Try
03 - If You Wanna Be My Girl
04 - Oh Darling
05 - Move With My Time
06 - Flashing Silver Hope (live at the Nightingale)
07 - Cowboy Song (live at Borehamwood)
08 - Feel It (live at the Harlow Community Centre)

Download Byzantium - Live And Studio


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jerry. :-)

- Lorraine

2:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great music! Really appreciate the Sun And The Moon posts. Your comments are right on target. Recently found out about the Chameleons. What a crime these guys aren't more widely known! I've bought all their available discs. Would you please consider posting Strip, Never-Ending Now, and other out of print discs that are stupidly expensive to buy now? Thanks for all!

7:46 am  
Anonymous arbor said...

glad to find Byzantium I have not heard them yet! Thank you friend

4:41 am  
Blogger gyugi said...

thanks, looking forward to hearing byzantium

10:43 pm  
Anonymous zappahead said...

thank you for the byzatium stuff...excellent band that should have gone that one step further.....not to be unfortunatley

12:48 pm  
Anonymous zappahead said...

come to think of it i can hear a bit of man band in there....cant be bad.

1:16 pm  
Anonymous Dave B said...

I've just downloaded the Eire Apparent album. Looks good, I've never heard of them before. I've got my old copy of the Liberty/UA sampler LP (remember them?) "All Good Clean Fun" and the Ernie Graham track is excellent.


10:29 pm  
Anonymous Radiodaze said...

As a 13 year old I saw Byzantium live at Mayflower School hall in Billericay, Essex in about 72/73. Fortunately as a nipper (and Radio Caroline in it's hippy phase fan) I was educated enough to recognise a good band. They were loud! Finding these albums is like finding buried treasure! The Byzantium album is well worth investigation by all. Isn't there a connection with Capability Brown (the band!)? Thanks Jerry.

5:33 pm  
Blogger phill.brentor said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You a million times. I never thought I would hear Seasons Changing again. Had it on vinyl, but lost it when all my old vinyl went AWOL. Saw the band a few times, and worked with Chaz Jankel when he worked at John Lewis Oxford Street London after his Byzantium days (not a lot of people know that!) SC was one of my favorite albums and I had given up trying to get it, until I came across your post. A great album by a great band. Why they never had success I will never know. Thanks again.

1:45 am  
Blogger phill.brentor said...

Quick follow on to my past comment, the Byzantium mp3's are great and once again thank you. However, any chance you could re-do them as FLAC files? I know it is a big ask, and FLACs are huge, but the quality is there. If not, well the mp3's are more than I could have asked for.

1:58 am  
Blogger r.cummings57 said...

Thanks indeed, friend. I saw Byzantium around 1973 at an open air Venue in Hitchin, Herts. I thought I would never hear them again! Thanks, again!

1:06 pm  
Blogger Benedict Rubinstein said...

I'm actually James Rubinstein's son! To fill in the biography... He was also in a band called Ora that made an album prior to the Byzantium years. If you haven't heard any of their stuff here's a snippet http://bit.ly/19GAqqi.

He left Byzantium sometime after deciding he wanted to start and provide for a family and concluding that he couldn't do that whilst being in a bad. A big shame but I can't really complain!

He's now in the legal profession and a pretty good Dad...his life lessons haven't warn off on me though. I'm a professional musician too and play in a couple of bands named The Mariner's Children and one called Peggy Sue.

Cheers all.

6:25 pm  
Blogger Witchseason said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:00 pm  
Blogger Witchseason said...

Hi Benedict, thanks for commenting.
Since putting up this post I have actually found the Ora album. Some of it I really like, some of it not so much - that's how it goes.
The history of Byzantium always confused me, was never quite sure who was in the band when, or even whether 'live and studio' is the 3rd of the three albums (I heard they made a self-financed album before the A&M deal, not sure if that's the same one).
I'm very fond of all three albums, particularly Seasons Changing which I have packed away somewhere very carefully complete with huge foldout poster.
Say hi to your dad and thanks for the music. If only that power cut hadn't happened at the Roundhouse their future might have been very different...
By the way, there was a MySpace page a few years ago that promised more unreleased recordings but they never appeared. Is there any chance of some more stuff coming out?

7:00 am  

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