Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Here I Go Again

I know I haven't posted anything for a while, I'm beginning to run out of ideas!

First, some good news: I've been contacted by Dan Selzer of Acute Records ( saying that the Lines albums are about to be released on CD - hurrah! - and so for that reason I've removed the link and deleted the file from RS. Looking forward to those, Dan!

OK - today, an album that I really like, even though it's about as bland as you could possible get. Twiggy was, of course, the most famous model in the world in the 60s, but as she grew older and less twiglike she turned to singing for a while. This is her first 'real' album after that, from 1976(yes folks, I really did like Twiggy and Doctor Feelgood at the same time!). As I say, it's kinda bland but I like it that way sometimes. It's *good* bland, if you know what I mean.


1) Vanilla Olay
2) Good For You Too
3) Just Bidin' My Time
4) Pieces Of April
5) Appalachian Boy
6) Rain On The Roof
7) Here I Go Again
8) Vaudeville Man
9) Caravan Tonight
10) Done My Cryin' Time
11) Everything Comes In Time

Friday, January 12, 2007

Eric Clapton On Ukelele

OOOPS - forgot the link to the first zip - it's there now.

The new box set of Michel Polnareff contains pretty much everything you'd ever need from the French (AZ label) period but omits a few songs. For those of you who buy the new box, here are the tracks that aren't on it.

I discovered Michel Polnareff when I was on holiday in Les Sables D'Olonne in 1971. A girl I knew there had just bought 'Polnareff's' and the guy I was staying with had his first album. I was hooked - he's a wonderful songwriter & one of the best ever to come out of France. I bought all the albums I could find - not many, most of his stuff was only ever out on singles & then compilations - and then the 'Premiere Annees' box set that came out a few years ago - from where most of these tracks are taken.

He's doing some gigs in Paris this year, I'd love to go but it's too far & too expensive.

Michel Polnareff - early tracks missing from the box set

This first zip contains all the tracks from his French period that aren't on the box set. Clearly, if they've been omitted it's for a reason and most of these aren't among his best work, but they've also left out the two instrumentals from 'Polnareff's' - without which the album loses some of its continuity.

Il Est Gros
La Fille Qui Reve De Moi (instrumental)
La Fille Qui Reve De Moi
La Vie, La Vie M'A Quitte
Le Grand Chapiteau
Le Temps A Laisse Son Manteau
Mais Encore
Musique De Rabelais
Oh! Louis
Polnareve (instrumental)
Time Will Tell
You'll Be On My Mind

Michel Polnareff - 'Fame A La Mode' tracks missing from the box set

The second zip contains the missing tracks from the 'Fame A La Mode' album, which is far from his best but it's worth having these tracks if you like Polnareff at all.

Wandering Man
Since I Saw You
So Long Beauty
No No No No Not Now
Come On Lady Blue

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Discussing The Snooker

As any fule kno, The Chameleons were, along with The Comsat Angels and The Sound, one of the best bands of the 80s. NO ARGUMENT.

When the Chams broke up Mark Burgess and John Lever formed The Sun And The Moon. I waited for the album and bought it ASAP but something was wrong - it sounded like the Chams but without any guts or conviction in the playing. Clearly Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding were more than just the guitarists.

A year or so later the 12" EP 'Alive Not Dead' came out and though it sounded a bit better it still wasn't great. They split up not long afterwards and eventually the Chams reformed in the 90s for some excellent albums including an unplugged acoustic greatest hits album.

If you like The Chameleons you'll probably like these as well though you may not love them. If you like these albums then please buy all the Chameleons albums. And if you don't like the Chameleons - WHY THE HELL NOT???

The Sun And The Moon - The Sun And The Moon (1988)

01 - The Speed Of Life
02 - Death Of Imagination
03 - A Matter Of Conscience
04 - Peace In Our Time
05 - Dolphin
06 - House On Fire
07 - The Price Of Grain
08 - Limboland
09 - A Picture Of England
10 - This Passionate Breed
11 - The Boy Who Sees Everything (bonus track from 12" single)
12 - I Love You, You Bastard (bonus track from 12" single)

The Sun And The Moon - Alive, Not Dead (1989)

01 - Adam's song (for Fenella)
02 - C'est La Vie
03 - Arabs & Americans
04 - Elected

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Don't Know What To Call This One

'Cos it's a real quick bash together of some more great tracks from great albums. No real link between them. A QUICK FAVOUR - has anyone got any of the early Pete Atkin albums that they can rip for me? Master Of The Revels etc - they're not available *anywhere* and I'd be *so* grateful. So now, back to the records.
  • Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World (from So Many Roads, 1974) - try and ignore Donna's awful wailing and just enjoy the groove!
  • Ian Matthews - The Fault (from Some Days You Eat The Bear, 1974)
  • Modern English - Tables Turning (from After The Snow, 1982)
  • Richard Thompson - The Egypt Room (from Hokey Pokey, 1972)
  • Roy Harper - The Same Old Rock (from Stormcock, 1971)
  • Stackridge - Hey Good Looking (from the original Mr Mick, 1976)
  • Stereolab - Doubt (from Switched On Volume One, 1992)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

There Were Houses, There Were Hoses

I can honestly say that I've only ever heard one song that contains the words 'ironing board', and that's 'The Yard Went On Forever' by Jimmy Webb and sung by Richard Harris on the album of the same name. Pompous, grandiose, self-important twaddle - but magnificent. From that album, 'Interim'. This is the last of the festive compilations - apart from maybe one more - and today they're more listenalong than singalong. All marvellous and all from great albums. And yes, Marc Bolan *was* a great songwriter. If you only know the T Rex stuff, do yourself a favour and buy Unicorn - it's marvellous. Of course, when put next to Lennon/McCartney he was a minnow - who else could write & record a song like All My Loving and then not even release it as a single???
  • Jake Thackray - The Poor Sod (from On Again, On Again, 1977)
  • Michel Polnareff - Le Bal Des Laze (from Le Bal Des Laze, 1968)
  • Richard Harris - Interim (from The Yard Went On Forever, 1969)
  • Sad Lovers And Giants - Far From The Sea (from Epic Garden Music, 1982)
  • Spirogyra - World's Eyes (from Old Boot Wine, 1972)
  • Swans - Mind-Body-Light-Sound (from The Great Annihilator, 1995)
  • The Beach Boys - Surf's Up (from Surf's Up, 1971)
  • The Beatles - All My Loving (from With The Beatles, 1963)
  • The Incredible String Band - Three Is A Green Crown (from The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, 1968)
  • Touchstone - Invisible Wings & Faoilean (from Jealousy, 1984)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex - A Daye Laye (from A Beard Of Stars, 1970)
  • Wishbone Ash - Vas Dis (from Pilgrimage, 1971)