Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Basically A Cretin

..which was replaced, on the album version, by 'drowning in the bathroom' which is a lot less offensive but also a lot less funny.

Ah - you probably don't know what I'm on about. Hatfield And The North? Single 'Let's Eat (Real Soon)', had a B-side 'Fitter Stoke Has A Bath', which was re-recorded with different lyrics for the second album.

The Hatfields were one of Richard Sinclair's many finest hours. His dry English voice and gorgeous bass playing were key features of that band, features which were either lacking or different in the wonderful National Health - an incredible band with a hell of a gutsy sound and two really clouty albums though without some of the wry humour and subtlety of the Hatfields ones.

Going off on a bit of a weird tangent here, prose getting slightly bizzarre, never knowing where you're going, carry me with you?


Right - oh, but did you see the Globs on telly last night? Meant to post a bulletin here but forgot. Never mind, it being BBC4 there are three or four repeats over the next few nights. Great stuff. Not really a festerval-goer any more so won't be at Glasto, but if they do any Lunnun gigs I'll be there. Any chance of that, Mr. Owen?

Sorry. Back to today. (but didja notice I've got a MySpace place? Look at the links section, over on the right)

Richard Sinclair made two albums in the early 90s, neither of which are available any more so here they are. Very English, kinda jazzy, kinda proggy, kinda laid-back almost-MORy. Not going to compete with Caravan or Hatfields but probably better than RS-era Camel.

Richard Sinclair - Caravan Of Dreams (1992)

01 - Going For A Song
02 - Cruising
03 - Only The Brave
04 - Plan It Earth
05 - Heather
06 - Keep On Caring
07 - Emily
08 - Felafel Shuffle
09 - Halfway Between Heaven And Earth
10 - Five Go Wilde
11 - Flowered At Bracknell
12 - It Didn't Matter Anyway

Download Caravan Of Dreams

Richard Sinclair - RSVP (1993)

01 - 01 - What's Rattlin'
02 - My Sweet Darlin'
03 - Videos
04 - Barefoot
05 - Outback In Canterbury
06 - Over From Dover
07 - Out Of The Shadows
08 - Where Are They Now
09 - Bamboo
10 - What In The World

Download RSVP


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you probably don't know what I'm on about

I bloody did! I'll snag those when I get home. You haven't got Afters, by any chance?

[scrolls down...]

"Five weeks? Blimey!", as you might say.

Bastard. I've always wanted to drop that into conversation.

[and down...]

I also remember the Bowles Brothers. They should have been huge.

[and down...]

Aagh! dalek i! Nothing I haven't got, but I've only got the album on tape. Did you ever hear an alternative version of "DILY (Destiny)", by the way? I heard it on Peel once - it was slow and un-bouncy, and used the word 'destiny'. I'm asking everyone I come across who remembers dalek i, which means asking approximately one person every five years...

11:09 am  
Anonymous Martyn Page said...

Thanks a million for RSVP - have been looking for it for years and now my curiousity can be satisfied. Really looking forward to giving it a good listen.

4:14 pm  

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