Thursday, September 07, 2006

Put Your Hands Against My Wall

Some 30 years ago I was on holiday in Cornwall and met a 'groovy chick' (man) called Chrissie Quayle who was staying in her father's house on Zennor Head (she was the niece of the actor Anthony Quayle). I fancied her, but for whatever reason never made any attempt to do anything about it. We spent some time together and then I came back to London and we met a couple of times by accident after that, but I haven't seen her for 20 years now - in fact, I just found an article on the Web by her brother (Quinton Quayle, the British ambassador to Romania) that implies that she died - I hope not :-(.

Anyway, some time before we met she had been in a band called Daylight and had made an album for RCA and some years later I saw it in a 2nd hand record shop and bought it (it was pretty scratched already so I make no apologies for the quality of this rip). It's not bad on the whole, sort of pleasant pastoral soft rock with a bit of a jazz influence. Chrissie's song, How It Feels To Fall, is the highlight for me but maybe I'm a bit biased. Mike Silver and Steve Hayton wrote most of the rest of the material.

One other thing about the band - the (upright) bass player was Spike Heatley and the drummer was Tony Carr, both respected jazzers. Spike was also the resident bass player with Jonathan Cohen's band on Play Away.

Daylight - Daylight

01 - Lady Of St Clare
02 - How It Feels To Fall
03 - Journey in Time
04 - Troubled Times
05 - Ain't It Right
06 - King Of Trees
07 - Yes
08 - Hallo
09 - Never Say Never
10 - Pretty Ladies
11 - Song
12 - Carry Me


Anonymous Peter Gustavsson said...

Ho There! What a nice operation you run I´m delighted by the personal touch; the stories..
I´m a 54 year old swedish "folkprogger" nd these days I play and compose togther with ( among others ) Jeremy Sagar ( Skin Alley etc) and Monte Nordstrom of Ptarmigan. Obvisiously you can ave fun at 50+ as well..
Cheers! Peter

4:47 pm  
Anonymous Peter Gustavsson said...

Link doesn´t work..try these instead..

4:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Lady Of St Clare" - 4 weeks on the 2ZM playlist, Wellington, NZ. Reached a peak of #37, 24-Feb-72.

(I just happened to be passing by that listing, wondered who Daylight was. There's a lot of obscure stuff there...)


2:07 pm  
Anonymous Tim Sharman said...

from Tim Sharman, former manager of Daylight, Daddy Longlegs, Andromeda etc.

Sad news : I heard on Christmas day that Steve Hayton, guitarist and gentleman, has died from cancer.

Steve was best known in the UK for his time with Daddy Longlegs but also played in Daylight and with Julie Felix and various jazz sessions.

A lovely guy whom I will miss. Any anecdotes, memories, I will be happy to have, then I can prepare a decent 'in memorium'.

Tim Sharman

1:47 pm  
Anonymous Chris Q said...

Please excuse the following non-musical response!

I only just stumbled across your blog today, and have been reading your prolific back posts with great excitement. So when I came across this one me heart skipped a beat. I should explain, I guess: Anthony Quayle was my dad, and to my knowledge both he and my mum were only kids. I'm totally not casting aspersions here over the veracity of your friend's relatedness - just fascinated to think I might have some hitherto unknown relatives out there. Stranger things have happened, eh? My name's Chris, coincidentally,too.

Thrilled to discover your blog, Jeremy. I can see I'll be spending a lot of time here. Thanks for sharing such great (and often underappreciated) music!


1:00 pm  

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