Monday, June 26, 2006

The Things We Do For Cash

Sandy Denny.

Folk-rock goddess, voice of an angel, best female songwriter the UK has ever produced, bla bla bla. We all know she was fab, we all know she died too young. We were all in love with her when we were adolescents (well I was anyway). But some time between 'North Sea Gasman' and 'Sandy' she clearly needed to earn some *dosh* and did a bit of session work.

We all know 'Battle Of Evermore', and many of us also know the two songs from 'Pass Of Arms' - but how many of us have heard of 'Swedish Fly Girls'?

Now I've never seen the film and I may be doing it a disservice, but a Swedish film from 1972 about the antics of a group of young air hostesses? Sounds decidedly dodgy.

Most of the music was written by Manfred Mann, and most of the tracks on the album are dire. But there are four tracks sung by Sandy Denny that are kinda OK in a rather naff pop way.

And, for completists, I've also included the poem 'Strange Meeting' read by Christopher Logue that was on the original 7" single of the Pass Of Arms soundtrack. I haven't included Sandys tracks because they are available on CDs.

SWEDISH FLY GIRLS - four tracks featuring Sandy Denny.

1) Water Mother
2) What Will I Do With Tomorrow
3) I Need You
4) Are The Judges Sane?


Blogger Wing said...

Would you be so kind as to repost this? The curiosity is killing.


9:03 am  
Anonymous CylonDetector2000 said...

Just discovered your blog and would love to see this re-uploaded. Thanks in advance.

7:21 pm  
Blogger Philip M Ward said...

Greetings, Bodger! I am pretty sure that the Swedish Fly Girls music was written by Mose Henry. Manfred Mann was the producer. That's certainly what Reinhard Zierke says on his Sandy website, and he knows his stuff.

As a fellow blogger you might be interested in my Sandy blog at

6:11 pm  
Anonymous Harry said...

I know that this comment comes very late after you posted this, but would you please repost the Swedish Fly Girls soundtrack? Thank you so much!

1:38 am  
Anonymous KaBluie said...

Hi! I'd like to hear these too! Please????

7:22 pm  
Blogger Private Beach said...

Me too, please.

12:16 pm  
Anonymous puttesnutte said...

I know you posted the complete SFG soundtrack elsewhere, but you please repost the "Strange Meeting" poem also?

4:28 pm  
Blogger celticludo said...

I have the "Swedish Fly Girl" movie and it's okay. But I'd like to have the Sandy Denny songs of the soundtracks and the "Strang Meeting" poem" Anywhere where I can find or download them? Thanks

7:14 pm  
Anonymous Pandiux said...

There´s too many people -me among them- who are beging you to repost this soundtrack. ¿would you, please?

4:19 am  

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