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When I Was A Freeport And You Were A Folk Supergroup


A 'folk supergroup' comprising Pete Coe, Chris Coe, Nic Jones and Tony Rose that only produced this one album. To my mind it is one half of a two-album set and I always think of it alongside the New Victory Band's 'One More Dance And Then' - but that album is available on CD and so I've only included a couple of tracks from it as a taster - go buy the original.

Groovy cover man 01 - The Tailor And The Tea Chest 02 - Astleys Ride & Up And Away 03 - Rose Of Allendale 04 - Hind Horn 05 - Herrings Head & Salmon Tails Up The Water 06 - Little Fishes 07 - Ladies, Don't Go Thieving 08 - Geordie 09 - Dragoon And The Lady & Soldier Soldier 10 - Adam Was A Poacher 11 - Hares On The Mountain 12 - Hunt The Hare 13 - Herper's Frolic + Bonny Kate (New Victory Band) 14 - Mamie May (New Victory Band)

Laura Nyro

These albums are available from Amazon as extremely limited and extremely expensive japanese imports - and as far as I know Nested and Mother's Spiritual were never actually released on CD so even those may be private rips from vinyl. So here are rips from my vinyl copies of those two albums, plus the complete double CD of the live 'Seasons Of Lights' CD which was available as a proper Japanese import but a) was *very* expensive and b) isn't any longer. The cut-down single CD version isn't available either. Not the best places to start if you're not a Nyro fan, but well worth having if you are.

Laura Nyro - NESTED (1978)

Side One 1. Mr. Blue (The Song of Communications) 2. Rhythm and Blues 3. My Innocence 4. Crazy Love 5. American Dreamer Side Two 1. Springblown 2. The Sweet Sky 3. Light 4. Child in a Universe 5. The Nest

Laura Nyro - Seasons Of Lights (1977)

01. Money 02. Sweet Lovin’ Baby 03. And When I Die 04. Morning News 05. Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp 06. I Am the Blues 07. When I Was a Freeport and You Were the Main Drag 08. Captain St. Lucifer 09. Smile 10. Mars 11. Sweet Blindness 12. The Cat Song 13. Emmie 14. The Confession 15. Timer 16. Midnite Blue

Laura Nyro - MOTHER'S SPIRITUAL (1984)

Side One 1. To A Child 2. The Right To Vote 3. A Wilderness 4. Melody In The Sky 5. Late For Love 6. A Free Thinker 7. Man In The Moon Side Two 1. Talk To A Green Tree 2. Trees Of The Ages 3. The Brighter Song 4. Roadnotes 5. Sophia 6. Mother's Spiritual 7. Refrain


Anonymous dan-the-man said...

Thanks a lot for The Complete Seasons Of Lights! Laura Nyro is one of my all-time favorites – and she will always be. I got the original vinyl and bought the Complete Edition secondhand at amazon – but got the abridged version by mistake. So you made me very happy with this!

By the way: The link to Nested is missing.

And you might like to know that at the moment her Fillmore East performance, December 22, 1970 is updated at

Keep up the good work ... dan-the-man

11:06 pm  
Blogger Witchseason said...

Thanks - the Nested link is there now I think.

5:21 pm  
Blogger newelectricmuse said...

Thanks for the Bandoggs - I've seen it around occasionally in second-hand shops. I have the New Victory Band on vinyl so will be interested to hear its companion. The only thing is, the hammered dulcimer is probably my worst English folk instrument!

10:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Debaser says:-

Cannot thank u enough for the Laura Nyro LPs -especially the Seasons of Light double (way too expensive on import)A tough intro to Laura Nyro for the uninitiated but sweet for the old hands!

3:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the late great laura nyro one of the greatest american singer/songwriters, thanks so much my friend.


8:26 pm  
Blogger Scraps said...

Thank you so much for Nested, completing our Nyro collection on cd, finally.

We have Mother's Spiritual on the German label Line, which I believe is a legitimate release. I hope so, anyway, since we have a couple of dB's albums that way, too.

11:49 pm  
Anonymous Julien Peter Benney said...

I have been well aware that there were plans back in 2003 and 2003 to release "Nested" and "Mother's Spiritual" on CD, but declining CD sales have meant this has failed to materialise. There have been unforseen problems with Nyro's brilliant 1970 opus "Christmas and the Beads of Sweat" that have been also a factor in halting her re-release program - and apparently specialist re-issue labels like Rhino Handmade have also never been pressured to tackle "Nested" or "Mother's Spiritual".

Curiously, because as an exchange gift I got copies ripped to a CD, I have been able to listen to these albums as a result of acquiring an iPod. Though I had to adjust iTunes to get any sound out of them, they are certainly worthwhile, with grooves reminscent of Roxy's "Avalon" but lyrics gradually moving towards an ecofeminist viewpoint.

9:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you re-post the Bandoggs album?

Thanx in advance

12:11 pm  
Anonymous raspberrysnotgobblingwizard said...

I've heard some Laura Nyro a long time back and always meant to look out for more. Is there any possibility of re-upping these as they are all gone from rapidshare.

Thanks anyway - a very interesting and useful blog.

7:18 am  
Blogger Witchseason said...

All these Laura Nyro were reposted recently, check my latest posts.

8:04 am  
Blogger Witchseason said...

...and I'll repost the Bandoggs today or tomorrow.

8:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think you could repost Mother's Spiritual? The posting has expired as of 062708. It is very difficult to get this albumn.

11:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iconoclassic Records has recently reissued "Nested" on CD. We will be reissuing "Season of Lights" (the complete version) on August 12th. We are preparing "Mother's Spiritual" for late 2008/early 2009. The CDs have been licensed from Sony BMG and approved & endorsed by the Laura Nyro estate. We encourage fans to buy the CDs that are taken from the original master tapes, rather than illegally downloading vinyl rips.

12:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, I will buy it when it comes out. And I will also buy a copy of your "Nested" release.

It is a great service to all her loyal fans to have most of her albums available again.

8:30 am  
Blogger leesa said...

Could you please repost the cool 16 track remaster Season Of Light?


7:54 pm  
Blogger Liam said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:08 pm  
Blogger Liam said...



6:29 am  

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