Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rikki Don't Lose the Eye Of The Lens

Well now, what have we here? Two newly acquired bootlegs, that's what.
One is a bunch of tracks recorded for Dutch radio in 81/82 by the mighty Comsat Angels and converted to MP3 from the FLACs that a kindly person uploaded to DimeADozen - took me three days to download them and frankly mp3 is just as good for stuff that was recorded to cassette tape from FM radio. A mixed bag but some great stuff including Ju Ju Money, Total War and (of course) Indy Day.
The second is a real discovery for me. Having never heard any Steely Dan apart from the original 7 albums (which, of course, I have on vinyl and love), I downloaded this on impulse from another blog and was absolutely shaggered to hear how mighty they sounded live.
Link to the original Dan post and download for the Comsats are on my mp3 site
PS: I can't believe I used that title for this post, it's probably my worst yet. I'll try to think of a better one.
BTW The Steely Dan recording really kicks the proverbial but suffers from the same problems that many soundboard recordings do - it's a bit flat, has no reverb, and is lacking some bottom end (particularly on the kick and bass guitar) that would be provided physically by the bass bins and so is underemphasised on the desk. Also the bass is probably DI'd so is a bit too 'clean', could do with some warmth and depth - ideally like you'd get from a big analogue amp & a stack of 4x12s.



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