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That Ball Needs A Re-Gun

I had a request for some more Pete Atkin, and since I'm not sure what else to post I thought why not.

These aren't my rips, by the way - the only album of his that I own on vinyl is 'Master Of The Revels', which is a compilation (and which I've already posted - see http://witchseason.blogspot.com/2007/04/master-of-revels.html). But a couple of blog readers were able to send me their rips from the CDs (no longer available from Pete's site, and exorbitant prices 2nd hand from Amazon), and here they are.

For more info on Pete, check his unofficial Web site or the Wikipedia article - or see my original post.

Pete Atkin - Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger (1970)

01 - The Master Of The Revels
02 - Sunrise
03 - Have You Got A Biro I Can Borrow
04 - Frangipanni Was Her Flower
05 - Touch Has A Memory
06 - The Rider To The World's End
07 - The Luck Of The Draw
08 - The Original Original Honky Tonk Night Train Blues
09 - Girl On The Train
10 - Tonight Your Love Is Over
11 - You Can't Expect To Be Remembered
12 - Laughing Boy
13 - Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger
14 - All I Ever Did

Download Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger

Pete Atkin - Driving Through Mythical America (1971)

01 - Sunlight Gate
02 - The Pearl-Driller
03 - No Dice
04 - The Flowers And The Wine
05 - Where Have They All Gone
06 - The Prince Of Aquitaine
07 - Thief In The Night
08 - Driving Through Mythical America
09 - The Faded Mansion On The Hill
10 - Practical Man
11 - Lady Of A Day

Download Driving Through Mythical America

Pete Atkin - A King At Nightfall (1973)

01 - Between Us There Is Nothing
02 - Carnations On The Roof
03 - All The Dead Were Strangers
04 - The Wristwatch For A Drummer
05 - A King At Nightfall
06 - The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley
07 - The Double Agent
08 - The Hypertension Kid
09 - Screen-Freak
10 - Apparition From Las Vegas
11 - Thirty Year Man

Download A King At Nightfall

Pete Atkin - The Road Of Silk (1974)

01 - Perfect Moments
02 - Shadow And The Widower
03 - The Hollow And The Fluted Night
04 - The Wall Of Death
05 - Senior Citizens
06 - The Man Who Walked Towards The Music
07 - Care-Charmer Sleep
08 - Our Lady Lowness
09 - My Egoist
10 - An Array Of Passionate Lovers
11 - The Road Of Silk
12 - Payday Evening
13 - I See The Joker (single version)
14 - Session Man's Blues (single version)

Download The Road Of Silk

Pete Atkin - The Secret Drinker (1974)

01 - Rain-Wheels
02 - Sessionman's Blues
03 - I See The Joker
04 - National Steel
05 - Nothing Left To Say
06 - Tenderfoot
07 - Time And Time Again
08 - Little Sammy Speedball
09 - Secret Drinker
10 - Tongue-Tied

Download The Secret Drinker

Pete Atkin and Clive James - Live Libel (1975)

01 - Song For Rita (featuring Griff Gostuffyerself)
02 - Black Funk Rex (featuring Marc Boloc)
03 - Errant Knight (by arrangement with Strongbow Spam)
04 - Ready For The Road (featuring Tesco Tex)
05 - Ballad Of An Upstairs Window
06 - Stranger In Town (featuring Ricky Fablon)
07 - Rattlesnake Rock (featuring Gladys Graveyard)
08 - Doom From A Room (featuring Leonard Conman)
09 - I've Got Better Things To Do (edited version)
10 - Lonesome Levis Lane
11 - Sheer Quivering Genius (featuring James Paler)
12 - Uncle Sea-Bird (in memorium Ralph J. Gleason)

Download Live Libel


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great stuff! Never heard of Atkin before.

12:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these.

4:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I remember "Master of the Revels" from when it was first released but never had the chance to hear any more of Atkin and James. Lovely stuff

3:26 pm  
Blogger IncaRoads said...

Simply beautiful music, through and through. The perfect soundtrack to a beautiful autumn day...Thanks!

10:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. Been looking for "Beware..." for several years now, so it's great to finally get it. The first three records have to be up there with the best of pretty much anything coming from that peculiar time in UK pop, when the lyricist could be almost as big a star as the singer/band - James was photographed with Atkin on the rear of the sleeve of "A King at Nightfall", whilst the musicians weren't. James suited Atkin to the ground, with the precision of his words matched by the ironic detachment of Atkin's vocals. Their partnership worked as well as, if not better than their more well known contemporaries John/Taupin, Bruce/Brown or Brooker/Reid. Strange times. Thanks again!

9:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't heard this for about 25 years! Still sounds fresh. Thank you.

5:07 am  
Blogger Rod Warner said...

Blimey! Just rolling through and spotted these - Pete Atkin was one of my favourite musicians back when and I saw him live several times when I lived in London - the first album was a special favourite of my late wife Barbara's as well and we had all his albums - lost down the years sadly. Thanks - and a great blog, by the way!

9:22 pm  
Blogger CG said...

Thank you--this is the only place I've been able to find a download of Driving Across Mythical America. The title song, as I'm sure you know, is a tribute to the Kent State Massacre which happened 40 years ago on tuesday. It's wonderful to be able to share this song. Thank you!

9:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! Only place I've been able to find Atkin's stuff. I could only manage to download AKAN, though—a reupload somewhere would be very much appreciated!

9:14 pm  
Blogger rhlnaehl;nthean;ethap said...

Thanks for putting these up in the first place - any chance of a reup, though?

6:31 am  
Blogger Witchseason said...

No, sorry. Blog dead and gone.

9:33 am  

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