Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bloody hell, where have you been?

...a comment that could be levelled both at myself and at today's subject - Sally Oldfield. And yes, I have previously posted about her - see see here.

Older sister of the slightly-better-known Mike (and Terry), she made a number of excellent albums dring the 70s/80s/90s but vanished a few years ago and I've no idea where she was or what she was doing. There were a couple of rehashed compilation albums released 'as if' they were new but nothing else.

And now, today, I've discovered a Sally Oldfield MySpace page with info about a 'New' album - Cantadora - that claims to be "a new compilation of Sally's favourite tracks, recorded in her home studio over the years without any record company involvement". I'll try to find out a bit more about it before I buy it, though.

I've previously posted some of her albums - so here are those links again, plus a few more. The only albums that you can buy new - as far as I know - are Water Bearer and the new one, so here are the others. In my opinion the best ones (and they are *really* good) are Secret Songs, Playing In The Flame, Easy and Natasha, and the worst are Instincts (by a thousand miles) and Femme. In fact, these are so poor (at least in comparison to her other work) that I haven't even included all the tracks in the downloads. So sue me.

Sally Oldfield - Easy (1979)

Download Easy

Sally Oldfield - Celebration (1980)

Download Celebration

Sally Oldfield - Playing In The Flame (1981)

Download Playing In The Flame

Sally Oldfield - In Concert (1982)

Download Sally Oldfield In Concert

Sally Oldfield - Strange Day In Berlin (1983)

Download Strange Day In Berlin

Sally Oldfield - Femme (1987)

Download Femme

Sally Oldfield - Instincts (1988)

Download ItStinks

Sally Oldfield - Natasha (1990)

Download Natasha

Sally Oldfield - The Flame (1992)

Download The Flame

Sally Oldfield - Three Rings (1994)

Download Three Rings

Sally Oldfield - Secret Songs (1996)

Download Secret Songs

Sally Oldfield - Flaming Star (2001)

Download Flaming Star

Sally Oldfield - Assorted other tracks

I Sing For You (single, 1980)
Broken Mona Lisa (EXCELLENT single, 1982)
Share (single as 'The Roar Sound', 1985)
Fire And Ice (single as 'The Roar Sound', 1985)
Break Through The Rock remix (single, 1990)
The Man I Love (single, 1990)
Flaming Star (original version, from 'uncut private collection' CD, 2002)
Mystic Drum (original version, from 'uncut private collection' CD, 2002)

Download assorted other tracks


Blogger terribletee56 said...

I had the pleasure of sitting in the second row of a Sally concert in Frankfurt in early 1982; what a surprise to find a live recording, as well as all the rest of these. A very beautiful and very talented lady. Thank you so much.

11:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sally somehow got swindled out of the rights to a lot of her early work. My info may be out of date, as the recent compilation "mirrors" seems to a be aboveboard, but for a long time some weasels whose company name is a cognate for "palace" or "fortress" were the only folks you could buy (poorly remastered for CD) "water bearer" or "easy" from, and they also released a bunch of crappy compilations. She lost control of her catalogue and moved to Europe where she's been working steadily and actually achieved new fame in the club scene. AFAIK she's never stopped making records, though some of them may seem a little foreign to lovers of her '80s work. She's an angel and a treasure.

7:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have any link for Cantadora?

12:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm the same that was asking for Cantadora. Can you reupload assorted other tracks, please?

1:15 pm  
Blogger Witchseason said...

I do not have Cantadora and have no intention of buying it - it's a ripoff compilation of earlier, prereleased tracks. And I no longer maintain this blog or the uploads linked from it. Sorry.

10:47 am  

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