Monday, June 22, 2009

Nothing Changes, Soldier Blue

Another long delay. What can I say? Sari.

Truth is, we moved house a few weeks ago and my turntable hasn't been out of its box since - and isn't likely to be any time soon. So I'm reduced to posting stuff that I've already ripped - or, in this case, ripped *off*.

I do have this album on vinyl, and when I finally get my deck up and running again I'll do my own rip (because this rip doesn't sound great to me), but for now you'll have to make do with this. I got it from - there's a lot of other good stuff there, although some of it is available for purchase so I can't be 100% in favour.

The early to mid 80s were an odd time, as I recall - loads of big hair, big guitars, guitars sounding like bagpipes, flanged basses - and most bands wanted to be U2 or Simple Minds. Or Springsteen. Pretty much sums up this lot - I bought this album from Steve Burgess in English Weather in Crouch End (might still have been Terrapin Trucking by then, can't remember). The fact that he recommended this to me shows how bleak the situation was - even Steve could be taken in by pomposity and bombast in place of real emotion or musical ability.

You might think that I'm not over fond of this album. You'd be right. I liked it at the time - but only in the gaps left when I wasn't listening to the Chameleons, Comsats, Cocteaus, Church, and other bands not beginning with C (Icicle Fukin Works - now *there* was a band who could do grandeur without grandiose - power without pomposity - and what a drummer... you ought to see me air-drumming to 'lovers day'... bloody hell...)

Where was I? Oh yeah, Silent Running. Someone asked for this, I have it but haven't ripped it yet, happened to find it at baratomusical. Updated the tags & uploaded. Enjoy it if you can. me - I'm off to 'lovers day' again before my current 80s trip subsides. But I *am* going to see the Comsats later this year for the first time since the mid-80s (Camden Palace with Way Of The West). Can't fukin wait.

Silent Running - Shades Of Liberty (198x)

01 - Home Is Where The Heart Is
02 - Emotional Warfare
03 - One In A Million Day
04 - Sticks And Stones
05 - That's Life (In The Real World)
06 - Young Hearts
07 - Crimson Days
08 - Shades Of Liberty
09 - Go For The Heart

Download Shades Of Liberty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say THANK YOU for this blog! i recently discovered the non-"melt with you" side of modern english, and your website has been a blessing. thank you!

6:39 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Fantastic Blog ! Particularly enjoyed seeing this ! They were nearly Simple Minds/ U2 !
I have similar aspirations on my blog
Will defo follow

1:16 pm  

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