Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Humdrum Days Still Flying Out The Window

Two more for you today. The first is a live concert from 1984 by Modern English, recorded for an American radio station and first made available on Wolfgang's Vault. This isn't my recording or rip, all I've done is separated the songs into individual files. I can't take any credit for anything else, except the picture below which I created from a photo of the band and my scan of the back cover of the Ricochet Days 12".

As a live gig it's OK, not hugely different from the released versions of the tracks but interesting enough - the 3 original albums are, of course, magnificent. I think I've posted them here somewhere, along with assorted 12" extras. I'm sure some will let me know if I haven't.

Modern English - Live In New York (1984)

00 - Intro
01 - Rainbow's End
02 - Spinning Me Round
03 - Someone's Calling
04 - After The Snow
05 - Hands Across The Sea
06 - Machines
07 - Ricochet Days
08 - Blue Waves
09 - Life In The Gladhouse
10 - I Melt With You
11 - Tables Turning
12 - Gathering Dust

The late Marian Montgomery had one of the most gorgeous voices in jazz, and it's a pity that her recorded output doesn't really do her justice. There are a couple of her early jazz albums available on CD, and some late live recordings, but this is from a rather middle-of-the-road and bland period in 1972. Her voice manages to transcend some of the material, while some of the other tracks are less great. Never mind. I used to like this album a lot.

The eagle-eared among you may notice that she apparently sings half of the same line twice - that's my fault. Despite my best efforts to clean up my vinyl there was one jump I couldn't get rid of - so I spliced a few words from another line in to the gap. Hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment.

Marian Montgomery - Marian In The Morning (1972)

01 - Morning Of My Life
02 - Sweet Gingerbread Man
03 - Walk A Mile In My Shoes
04 - You've Got A Friend
05 - Love
06 - Should There Be A Next Time
07 - Maybe In The Morning
08 - Crying, Loving, Laughing
09 - Ask Yourself Why
10 - If You Could Read My Mind
11 - It Must Be Love
12 - Birds


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