Monday, December 17, 2007

Can't Get Used To Just In One Day

Bombast, doncha just love it? U2, Simple Minds, Silent Running (coming soon, folks!), Hambi & The Dance... Hambi & the who?

Hambi Charalambous (apparently) was - or is... oh who cares I can't be bothered again. The thing about this blogging stuff is that when you're in the mood it's fun but when you're not, but feel you *ought* to post something, it's a pain in the a***.

Bombastic Liverpudlian power pop. Wonderful stuff - turn it way up and wallow in the self-inportance.

Hambi And The Dance - Heartache (1982)

01 - Time After Time
02 - Living In A Heartache
03 - Madelaine
04 - L'Image Craquee
05 - Spirits
06 - The World
07 - Dancing Inside You
08 - Major Major
09 - Too Late To Fly The Flag
10 - Standing In The Rain