Wednesday, May 02, 2007

All This And Nothing More

I'm amazed to find that you can't get this album any more, it's one of the best pop albums *ever*, in my opinion. And it was (I think) one of the best-selling albums of 1978. And yes, I *did* buy it then, and loved it, and played it in between my Pistols, Clash and Banshees albums. Nothing if not eclectic, that's me.

It's got all the best bits of the disco Bee Gees sound - the production, the musicians, etc. - but without the nauseous falsetto voices. And Andy Gibb, being the youngest, brings a naivety and honesty to the songwriting that's missing from many of the over-crafted Bee Gees songs. So sad that he succumbed to serious drug abuse and died so young.

This really is a great album, honest. And if it proves popular I'll upload the other two (Flowing Rivers and After Dark).

While I'm here, I'd like to respond to a few of the comments and requests I've had recently:

Comsat Angels: All the first three albums are available from Amazon UK, as is the incredible 'Time Considered'.

Richard Thompson's Henry the Human fly: Available from Amazon UK.

Pigmy by Keith Christmas: An anthology of the best tracks from Pigmy and Fable Of The Wings is available from Amazon UK. I may post the missing tracks though.

Guy Clark - Old No 1: Available from Amazon UK.

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Too stuffed to jump: Available from Amazon UK.

Early Chameleons: 'The Fan And The Bellows' is available from Amazon UK.

Julie Tippett's Sunset Glow: A fantastic album (she usedta be called Julie Driscoll), available from Amazon UK.

Prefab Sprout Steve McQueen: Another great album - the only one of theirs that I like - available from Amazon UK.

Three O'Clock - Sixteen Tambourines: *Not* available as far as I can see and so a prime candidate for uploading. Watch this space.

Sally Oldfield Water Bearer: Available from Amazon UK.

Joni Court & Spark: Available from virtually anywhere I'd have thunk.

Laura Nyro - I may re-up these if I get time.

Man - Greasy Truckers Party: Available from Amazon UK.

Stackridge Extravaganza: Available from Amazon UK.

Now, back to poor old Andy.

Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing

01 - Shadow Dancing
02 - Why
03 - Fool For A Night
04 - An Everlasting Love
05 - (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
06 - One More Look At The Night
07 - Melody
08 - I Go For You
09 - Good Feeling
10 - Waiting For You


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. I have it on vinyl but not digital. Good stuff. My wife is still in love with him after all these years. she'll be happy to have this on her ipod.

11:39 am  
Blogger talleyrand said...

I never had this album but I used hear some of these songs on the radio when I was a kid. It's great to hear them again. Thanks so much for sharing.

12:57 am  

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