Friday, May 25, 2007

Three more re-ups

I had a request to repost the excellent Bowles Brothers album and Laura Nyro's long-unavailable Nested, and since I've just posted three Dransfield-related albums I might as well repost Robin's solo album at the same time.

These are all excellent - you can take my word for it.

The Bowles Brothers - Roger Buys A Fridge

(Originally posted in August 2006 - see With His Brains On The Table You Could Say He Was Out Of His Head)


Robin Dransfield - Tidewave

(Originally posted in July 2006 - see Milder To Mulder, Jack In The Can)


Laura Nyro - Nested

(Originally posted in June 2006 - see When I Was A Freeport And You Were A Folk Supergroup)


That's me done for today.

Neither Drunken Nor Sober

When I was playing gigs on the London Irish/folk circuit, one of my tasks was to try to find new material for the band.

Well - I say 'new' but in fact it was 'stuff that's been around for a while but not many people know about'. So I bought quite a few folk albums on spec - some of them turned out to be good and some not so good.

One of the better ones was this one, on Trailer, by Tony Rose who would later go on to sing with Bandoggs among others. I haven't played it in 20 years or more but I just ripped it this morning, and looking at the sleeve notes I see that Robin & Barry Dransfield were the accompanists on it. Small world - only last week I ripped their two Trailer albums for upload.

This is really good, and I used to sing both The Bellringing and The Golden Vanitee - unaccompanied of course. Scroll down for the Dransfield albums.

Tony Rose - Young Hunting

01 - Robin Hood And The Bishop Of Hereford
02 - The Bellringing
03 - Young Hunting
04 - Golden Vanitee
05 - Up To The Rigs
06 - The Three Butchers
07 - The Royal Oak
08 - Blackwaterside
09 - The Parson And The Clerk
10 - Tavistock Goosey Fair


I must email Bazza to check whether he minds my posting these albums, although they're not available any more, apart from a few tracks on the excellent 'Up To Now' compilation which you really should have.

Robin and Barry were one of the best acts on the folk circuit in the 70s, and Bazza was probably second only to Swarbrick (though he'd say it was the other way round) as a fiddler. Swarb was probably better known, but it was Bazza that got the great session gigs - Morris On, No Roses, North Sea Gasman, etc.

These two albums only really hint at what was to come - Fiddlers Dream and Popular To Contrary Belief were more mature & rounded albums. The vast majority of the tracks on those two albums - and some great outtakes - are on the compilation, and Bazza's first solo album, unavailable for so long, can now be bought from Spinney records - see Barry Dransfield. Which leaves Robin's only solo album, which I will repost later this afternoon.

Robin And Barry Dransfield - The Rout Of The Blues

01 - The Rout Of The Blues
02 - Scarborough Fair
03 - St Clement's Jig & Huntsman's Chorus & Nancy
04 - Water O' Tyne
05 - Earl Of Totnes
06 - Tapestry
07 - The Trees They Do Grow High
08 - A Week Before Easter
09 - A Fair Maid Walking All In Her Garden
10 - Who's The Fool Now


Robin And Barry Dransfield - Lord Of All I Behold

01 - Faithful Johnny
02 - Bold Nelson's Favourite & Princess Royal & Saddle The Pony
03 - Who Liveth So Merry
04 - Adam And The Beasts
05 - Lord Of All I Behold
06 - Paddy Ryan's Favourite
07 - Still He Sings
08 - Bold William Taylor
09 - Just As The Tide Was Flowing
10 - The Wild Rover



A *big* thanks to Mike Gilbert...

...who ripped his own vinyl copies of the first and third Lamb albums and let me have them to share with you all.

So far, 19 people have downloaded 'Cross Between' since I reposted it (I can't get in to my old account so have no idea how many people got it the first time round).

Last time I only referenced the AllMusic biog, but here I'll quote the whole thing:

The minor San Francisco group Lamb tend to be remembered only for their appearance on the Fillmore: The Last Days concert album, where they were one of several non-star artists on a set dominated by bigger names like the Grateful Dead, Santana, and Boz Scaggs. The band did actually put out three albums in the early 1970s, however, and were quite an interesting group. Not only were they not readily comparable to other acts on the San Francisco rock circuit, but it's debatable whether they could be fairly categorized as a rock band at all. Their music blended jazz, folk, singer-songwriter pop, gospel, and even some classical and avant-garde influences. Certainly the dominant figure was singer Barbara Mauritz, whose bluesy and earthy vocals had considerable resonance, but which could also traverse the band's frequently mystical, poetic lyrics with much delicacy and nuance. Reminiscent in spots of such varied artists as Tim Buckley, Judy Collins (in her art-song phase), David Ackles, and Savage Rose (in that band's most gospel-soaked period), their records were ultimately idiosyncratic enough to defy ready comparison to anyone. And they were, too, ultimately too inaccessible to make much commercial impact, despite plenty of tracks of considerable power, beauty, and enigma.

Lamb were formed by the duo of Texan singer Mauritz and multi-instrumentalist (though primarily guitarist) Bob Swanson, who with Swanson (writing both separately and together) was responsible for the band's material. They attracted attention in San Francisco when they opened for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young for a few nights at Winterland in November 1969. Impresario Bill Graham became their manager, and producer David Rubinson, who had worked with notable groups such as Santana and Moby Grape, acted in that capacity for their first record. Their debut album on the Fillmore label, A Sign of Change, was perhaps their most uncompromising and experimental, relying largely on jazz-folk acoustic arrangements and spotlighting Mauritz's impressive voice on impressionistic, dream-like lyrics. They moved over to Warner Brothers (while retaining Rubinson as executive producer) for the follow-up Cross Between, which moved toward slightly more mainstream rock arrangements and a more pronounced gospel feel on several tracks. Yet others were throwbacks to the first album in their obscure but enchanting poesy, sometimes owing more to a classical-influenced art song tradition than conventional pop music.

Lamb went yet further toward gospel-rockish material on their third and final album, Bring Out the Sun, which was their most mainstream outing, though hardly mainstream overall, with a couple of tracks again giving vent to their more experimental jazz-folk-classical side. The LP was co-billed to Lamb and Barbara Mauritz, though Swanson was still involved as a composer and instrumentalist on much of the material. Whether or not this co-billing was intended as a transition from Lamb to a solo career, Mauritz was soon recording as a solo, putting out Music Box for Columbia. Her solo career didn't take off, however, although she continued to perform and write (composing the music for many commercials). In the mid-1980s, Bob Swanson returned full-time to photography. [The Lamb founded by Swanson and Mauritz, incidentally, had no relation to either the Christian rock band Lamb that began to record later in the 1970s, or the drum'n'bass duo Lamb that began recording in the late 1990s.] ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

That's about all you need to know. I've had 'Cross Between' for years but never managed to track down the other two albums until now. Thanks again to Mike Gilbert.

I've also found a live recording from 1971, posted at - I hope the owner of that site won't mind me sharing what he's already chosen to share.

And I hope that Barbara and Bob get some credit - and money - somehow. If their albums are ever re-released I will delete these links and buy them immediately, as I hope you will too after hearing them.

OK, here are the albums.

(Note: somehow I uploaded these without logging in to my premium account - that means the files will be deleted in 30 days! If I get time I'll re-upload them properly but I may not - so - Grab them now!)

Lamb - A Sign Of Change (1970)

01 - Traveler's Observation
02 - Adventures of the Incredible
03 - In My Dreams
04 - Barbara's Soul
05 - The Odyssey of Ehram Spickor
06 - Preacher's Holiday
07 - Where I'm Bound

Link here

Lamb - Cross Between (1971)

01 - Flying
02 - Now's Not The Time
03 - Cross Between
04 - Sleepwalkers
05 - Reach High
06 - Ku
07 - While Waiting
08 - Floatation
09 - Milo And The Travellers

Link here

Lamb - Bring Out The Sun (1971)

01 - Old Fashioned Remedy
02 - The Wish
03 - Rap With Rhyme
04 - River Boulevard
05 - How Am I Gonna Manage
06 - Visions of Blackbirds
07 - Salty
08 - The Vine
09 - Live to Your Heart

Link here

Lamb - Live at the Fillmore West, July 1st 1971

Picture taken from Robert Altman's site - hope he doesn't mind!

NB - this is exactly as I downloaded it, I haven't split the tracks so it's one long mp3

01 - Hello Old Friend
02 - Reach High With Your Life
03 - Want To Love
04 - Joshua
05 - Visions Of Blackbirds
06 - River Boulevard
           (band introductions)
07 - Together
08 - Paper Aeroplanes
09 - I Need A Man To Be Good To
10 - Real Believers
11 - Old Fashioned Remedy

Link here

Eight Years Later I'm A Pervert

...quote from my earlier post One Time, One Life:

OK. When I was at secondary school (William Ellis school, north London) there were three main bands there - Narcissus (my band), Landslide (slightly younger kids but better musicians, played at Windsor free festival with me on lead vocals) and Sore Throat.

Sore Throat was Matthew Flowers on keyboards, Danny Flowers on bass, Reid Savage on guitar, Greg Mason on sax, and Robin Knapp on drums. Soon Justin Ward joined on lead vocals and manic frontperson personality, then Robin was replaced by Clive Kirby from Landslide. They played a residency at the Stapleton in Stroud Green and also the Pindar Of Wakefield in Kings Cross. They were a great live band, and for me one of the highlights was Reid's guitar playing and onstage antics (he'd end up being strangled and 'dying' on stage while playing the most incredible solos).

When Sore Throat broke up, Reid joined Way Of The West...

...and the story continues over at my other post. The WOTW download is HERE.

Anyway, the other day I posted a link to what I thought was my re-upload of the collected Sore Throat but as it happened I had never posted them before. I only thought I had. So I reckoned that the old skool band deserved a post of their very own - so here it is.

PS: Some thieving toerag has halfinched my little biog of Sore Throat and posted it at - still I suppose I mustn't grumble.

Sore Throat – Sooner Than You Think

01 - 01 - Wonder Drug
01 - 02 - Seventh Heaven
01 - 03 - Flak Jacket
01 - 04 - Routine Patrol
01 - 05 - British Subject
01 - 06 - Mr Right
01 - 07 - Off The Hook
01 - 08 - Crackdown
01 - 09 - Sooner Than You Think

Sore Throat – the singles

00 - 01 - I Dunno
00 - 02 - Complex
00 - 03 - Zombie Rock
00 - 04 - I Don't Wanna Go Home
00 - 05 - Kamikaze Kid
00 - 06 - Crackdown (single version)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Still more re-ups

*Still* Twiggy is the most popular download, 212 so far. The next most popular are the Microdisneys, then Helen & The Horns, and then the Jesse Colin Youngs. Strange.

In the past couple of days I've had requests to repost the QMS vinyl boot, and one of the *many* Way Of The West fans asked about Sore Throat - so here we go.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Maiden Of The Cancer Moon

Originally posted in October 2006 - see

Sore Throat - collected singles & album

Can't remember when I posted these - or maybe I didn't?

Friday, May 18, 2007

That Turtle Could Be A Rock In Disguise

Any band with two bass players is fine by me, I thought, as I strolled home some time in 1988 with the CD of 'Drum' in my shopping bag. Not sure what I expected, but I seem to remember some reviewer of the time talking about being hit ever-so-gently with the largest, softest hammer ever.

Heavy, it ain't. But it is kinda dense, lush and... a bit like Hugo Largo really. Oh - and in addition to the two bass players there's a violin. And Mimi Goese singing, of course.

Hugo Largo - Drum (1988)

01 - 01 - Grow Wild
01 - 02 - Eskimo Song
01 - 03 - Fancy
01 - 04 - Harpers
01 - 05 - Scream Tall
01 - 06 - Country
01 - 07 - Eureka
01 - 08 - Second Skin
01 - 09 - My Favourite People

Hugo Largo - Mettle (1989)

02 - 01 - Turtle Song
02 - 02 - Hot Day
02 - 03 - Martha
02 - 04 - Halfway Knowing
02 - 05 - 4 Brothers
02 - 06 - Ohio
02 - 07 - Jungle Jim
02 - 08 - Never Mind

Now after Hugo Largo broke up I didn't buy any more of their albums, of course (there weren't any - stoopid) but then one day about ten years later I was reading The Grauniad and read an absolutely rave & stunning review of an album called Soak by 'Mimi' - who was, of course, Mimi Goese. Probably still is.

So having been a HL fan I bought Soak - and my goodness it really is a cracker.

As with so many great albums, all three of these are no longer available so I'm posting them for you. None of these changed the wrold, they might not even change *your* worls, but I don't think you'll regret hearing them.

Mimi - Soak (1998)

01 - Piece of Cake
02 - Fire and Roses
03 - Clues of You
04 - I Spy
05 - Thrilled to Pieces
06 - Believers
07 - The Watch
08 - Milky Way
09 - Black Hole Sun
10 - Love Is an Island
11 - Time to Go Home Now

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dipping My Brain In Joy

Until recently you could buy a CD calle Recycled Vinyl Blues on Amazon, which contains Neil Innes' first solo album plus a few extra tracks. Of course, I kept putting off buying it and when I went there the other day I found that it's not available any more - apart from a 2nd hand copy at sixty-five quid or so.

So it was out with the deck again and rip rip rip.

This is Neil Innes' first solo album, and it predates the Rutland one by a year or so. It's got its fair share of comedy tracks - and the first recorded outing of the Franglias 'L'amour Perdu' - but also some touching & beautiful stuff as well such as the lovely 'Song For Yvonne' (in fact, the first 5 tracks on side two - that's 6-10 here)

Wizzo lead guitar, of course, by the sadly missed Ollie Halsall.

Neil Innes - How Sweet To Be An Idiot (1973)

01 - Prologue
02 - Momma Bee
03 - Immortal Invisible
04 - Topless A-Go-Go
05 - Feel No Shame
06 - How Sweet To Be An Idiot
07 - Dream On
08 - L'Amour Perdu
09 - Song For Yvonne
01 - 10 - This Love Of Ours
11 - Singing A Song Is Easy

And a few more re-ups

Joanna Carlin (see The Sweet Alternative)

Melanie Harrold (see The Sweet Alternative)

Aerial FX (see Hold Me For Ever And Ever)

Miracle Legion - The Backyard (see Stay Where You Are, Little Man)

Miracle Legion - Surprise Surprise Surprise (see Stay Where You Are, Little Man)

...but PLEASE don't keep asking me for stuff that's easily available on Amazon. Caravan 1st? After Bathing At Baxters? Al Stewart? Look I don't want to sound grumpy but *I* bought those CDs, so can you.

Tra for now.

Diddly Diddly dee

Sorry I haven't got much time to write anything about this album, but just believe me - it's quite simply one of the best trad/folk/irish albums ever - just astonishing from beginning to end.

Although it was released on CD a few years ago I understand that neither artist got any royalties from it and so they stopped the distribution. I'm pretty certain it can't be bought from any legitimate source that would benefit any of the people involved, so here we go.

If you enjoy this, please go and buy some of the CDs that *are* available by Andy or Paul.

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady - Andy Irvine & Paul Brady

Post script: apparently this album *is* available, from the Mulligan Web site in Ireland - so no download, sorry. Link below goes to the Mulligan site instead.

Buy the Andy Irvine Paul Brady album

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This Way You'll Soon Be... Oh, Sorry...

A number of people have asked me to post the Keith Christmas albums 'Pigmy' and 'Fable Of The Wings'.

Although neither of these albums are available on CD, there is a compilation album called 'Timeless And Strange' that you can get from Amazon. It contains most of the tracks from those two albums, plus one (Metropolis) from the first album 'Stimulus', and I'd really recommend that you seek it out - I did, even though I have the originals on vinyl.

So here are the tracks that I have that are *not* on that compilation. They comprise the remaining tracks from 'Stimulus', a live version of 'Robin Head' from an old compilation called '69 Greek Street', three live tracks that I got from his own Web site a few years ago, 'Bednotch' from 'Fable Of The Wings', and 'Spanky' from 'Pigmy'.

Keith Christmas - Stimulus (plus and minus)



OK, I find myself with a free day and an Inbox full of requests for me to repost things that I uploaded to my old account and which have now been deleted from there.

Some of the albums that I uploaded then have since been released on CD - the Dory Previn and Stackridge ones, for example - and so I won't be re-upping them, others are just too obscure and nobody downloaded them the first time round anyway.

But here are a few of the more often requested albums, along with some that *I* want to repost because they're fab. Go see the original posts for my comments and others' follow-ups.

Area Code 615 - Area Code 615 & Trip To The Country (1969 & 1970)

(Originally posted in October 2006 – see Better Than A Medicine For Healing)

Bandoggs - Bandoggs (1978)

(Originally posted in June 2006 - see When I Was A Freeport And You Were A Folk-Rock Supergroup)

Byzantium - Byzantium, Seasons Changing & Live And Studio (1972 & 1973)

(Originally posted in June 2006 – see Byzantium Were Unable To Appear Owing To A Power Cut and OK, Here’s The Second And Third Albums)

Flo & Eddie - Illegal, Immoral And Fattening (1974)

(Originally posted in October 2006 – see Five Corpulent Porpoises)

Global Village Trucking Company – Global Village Trucking Company & Live At Dingwalls (1973 & 1976)

(Originally posted in June 2009 – see The Smiling Revolution)

Laura Nyro – Smile, Seasons Of Lights (complete) and Mothers Spiritual (1976, 1977, 1984)

(Originally posted in June 2006 - see When I Was A Freeport And You Were A Folk-Rock Supergroup)

Lamb - Cross Between (1971)

(Originally posted in June 2006 – see Sometimes I Feel I've Got To Slow My Head Down)

NB – I’m hoping to receive the other two albums from a very helpful guy in the States – when I do I’ll post them here.

Longdancer – If It Were So Simple & Trailer For A Good Life (1973 & 1974)

(Originally posted in June 2006 – see Take A Man Who Only Knows The Good Time Scene)

Mac Gayden - Skyboat & Hymn To The Seeker (1976)

(Originally posted in October 2006 – see Better Than A Medicine For Healing)

Way Of The West - The Complete Singles (1980-1984)

(Originally posted in September 2006 – see One Time, One Life)

Remember A Time When You Were Young

The 'Paisley Underground' scene of the mid-80s threw up quite a few good bands - Green On Red, Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate and The Long Ryders to name four of the best - but twenty years on only one band still features on my all-time greatest albums list.

There is a sheer joy and exuberance on these two albums that just makes me want to smile and shout along whenever I hear songs like 'Tomorrow', 'Stupid Einstein', 'And So We Run' - think Monkees crossed with Byrds on the best and most benevolent trip ever. OK, so 'As Real As Real' is 'Tomorrow Never Knows' near as dammit, but it's a knowing homage.

Simply two of the best power pop albums ever, and if you don't grin like a fool through most of thesetracks you've no heart.

Thy did make 3 more albums after these two but they just didn't cut it for me. Like so many other bands, once they learn how to play properly they become much less inventive, much more serious, much less fun.

Thanks to Anonymous for suggesting this post.

The Three O'Clock - Baroque Hoedown (1982)

01 - With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend
02 - I Go Wild
03 - Marjorie Tells Me
04 - Sorry
05 - As Real As Real
06 - Around The World

The Three O'Clock - Sixteen Tambourines (1983)

01 - Jet Fighter
02 - Stupid Einstein
03 - And So We Run
04 - Fall To The Ground
05 - A Day In Erotica
06 - Tomorrow
07 - In My Own Time
08 - On My Own
09 - When Lightning Starts
10 - Seeing Is Believing

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

All This And Nothing More

I'm amazed to find that you can't get this album any more, it's one of the best pop albums *ever*, in my opinion. And it was (I think) one of the best-selling albums of 1978. And yes, I *did* buy it then, and loved it, and played it in between my Pistols, Clash and Banshees albums. Nothing if not eclectic, that's me.

It's got all the best bits of the disco Bee Gees sound - the production, the musicians, etc. - but without the nauseous falsetto voices. And Andy Gibb, being the youngest, brings a naivety and honesty to the songwriting that's missing from many of the over-crafted Bee Gees songs. So sad that he succumbed to serious drug abuse and died so young.

This really is a great album, honest. And if it proves popular I'll upload the other two (Flowing Rivers and After Dark).

While I'm here, I'd like to respond to a few of the comments and requests I've had recently:

Comsat Angels: All the first three albums are available from Amazon UK, as is the incredible 'Time Considered'.

Richard Thompson's Henry the Human fly: Available from Amazon UK.

Pigmy by Keith Christmas: An anthology of the best tracks from Pigmy and Fable Of The Wings is available from Amazon UK. I may post the missing tracks though.

Guy Clark - Old No 1: Available from Amazon UK.

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Too stuffed to jump: Available from Amazon UK.

Early Chameleons: 'The Fan And The Bellows' is available from Amazon UK.

Julie Tippett's Sunset Glow: A fantastic album (she usedta be called Julie Driscoll), available from Amazon UK.

Prefab Sprout Steve McQueen: Another great album - the only one of theirs that I like - available from Amazon UK.

Three O'Clock - Sixteen Tambourines: *Not* available as far as I can see and so a prime candidate for uploading. Watch this space.

Sally Oldfield Water Bearer: Available from Amazon UK.

Joni Court & Spark: Available from virtually anywhere I'd have thunk.

Laura Nyro - I may re-up these if I get time.

Man - Greasy Truckers Party: Available from Amazon UK.

Stackridge Extravaganza: Available from Amazon UK.

Now, back to poor old Andy.

Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing

01 - Shadow Dancing
02 - Why
03 - Fool For A Night
04 - An Everlasting Love
05 - (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
06 - One More Look At The Night
07 - Melody
08 - I Go For You
09 - Good Feeling
10 - Waiting For You