Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Flying Fish And Potatoes

I may have mentioned Harum Records before. The shop was in Crouch End, North London, and I used to spend ages hanging around there - I bought (and sold) a lot of second hand albums and also listened to all kinds of stuff I hadn't heard before.

The shop was run by two brothers, and the younger brother (Gary) was into pretty much the same kind of stuff as me although he was a few years older. He introduced me to - among many, many others - Dion, Mike Nesmith and Jesse Colin Young.

Jesse Colin Young had been the lead singer with the Youngbloods, but went solo in the early 70s and released these two albums. I'm not quite sure how to categorise them - mainstream soft rock, loosely in the sort of Mac Gayden/Doobie Brothers mould - but JCY's voice and some of the arrangements lift them way above the average.

Great stuff.

Jesse Colin Young - Song For Juli (1973)

1. Morning Sun
2. Song For Juli
3. Ridgetop
4. Evenin'
5. Miss Hesitation
6. T-Bone Shuffle
7. Lafayette Waltz / Jambalaya
8. Country Home


Jesse Colin Young - Light Shine (1974)

1. California Suite - California Child
2. California Suite - Grey Day
3. California Suite - Light Shine
4. Pretty And The Fair
5. Barbados
6. Motorcycle Blues
7. The Cuckoo
8. Susan


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

4AD-Day part two

I had a sort of hope that some of the Cocteau Twins albums might no longer be available (so that I could post them here) but no such luck - Amazon seems to have the whole lot.

More surprisingly, the 2nd and 3rd Modern English albums are also available. Jesus I *love* those records - and they are probably the most played CDs in my car (though not when the missus is there, she don't like 'em)

BUT only one of the three Xmal Deutschland albums is still available - admittedly it is the best one but it means that I can post Fetisch and Viva here without guilt.

If you like either of these I suggest you hotfoot to Amazon or the 4AD site and buy Tocsin - it's the best of the three by quite a long way.

Xmal Deutschland - Fetisch (1983)

01 - Qual 02 - Geheimnis 03 - Young Man 04 - Orient 05 - In Der Nacht 06 - Hand In Hand 07 - Kaempfe 08 - Danthe 09 - Boomerang 10 - Stummes Kind


Xmal Deutschland - Viva (1987)

01 - Matador 02 - Eisengrau 03 - Sickle Moon 04 - If Only 05 - Feuerwerk 06 - Morning 07 - Manchmal 08 - Polarlicht 09 - Ozean 10 - Dogmat 11 - Sickle Moon (12'' mix) 12 - Illusion (version) 13 - In Onyx


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Request for Pete Atkin

Does anyone have Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger / Driving Through America? Could you possibly rip it & share it with me? I have his other albums (thanks to a Dutch friend) and may upload them soon, but I need those two.

Vinyl rips are fine!

Oh - and by the way, I'm afraid that once a file is gone from Rapidshare it's *gone*. I don't have time to reupload all my old posts, sorry - I'm a working man now.



It's (4a)D-Day (part one)

Sorry, I'm back at work so haven't got as much time to upload stuff as I used to have. Hell, why am I sorry? I'm earning money again - yippee!

Today, the first of a couple of albums from 4ad that are no longer available but ought to be. This is the first full-length album from The Wolfgang Press (although it's actually a compilation of a couple of EPs I think). I like it.

Tomorrow, Xmal Deutschland.

The Wolfgang Press - The Legendary Wolfgang Press And Other Tall Stories

01 - Tremble (My Girl Doesn't)
02 - Heart Of Stone
03 - Respect
04 - My Way
05 - I'm Coming Home (Mama)
06 - Deserve
07 - Sweatbox
08 - Fire Eater
09 - Ecstasy