Tuesday, August 29, 2006

If I Hadn't Made A Left Hand Turn

Apparently Warner Brothers have no intention of releasing either of these albums on CD so I don't feel bad about posting them here. They're not her best albums, in my opinion, so if you like Dory Previn I suggest you hop over to Amazon and buy Mythical Kings and On My Way To Where (if you haven't got them already), for a start.

But these will do to give you a taste of what she's like, and will (I hope) satisfy the members of the Yahoo DP group who haven't heard them.

Dory Previn - Dory Previn

01 - Lover Lover Be My Cover
02 - Coldwater Canyon
03 - Atlantis
04 - Mama Mama Comfort Me
05 - Brando
06 - New Rooms
07 - The Emperor Of China
08 - The Obscene Phone Call
09 - The Crooked Christmas Star '73
10 - Did Jesus Have A Baby Sister


Dory Previn - We're Children Of Coincidence And Harpo Marx

01 - Children Of Coincidence
02 - I Wake Up Slow
03 - Woman Soul
04 - The Comedian
05 - Fours
06 - So Much Trouble
07 - Wild Roses (Love Song To The Monster)
08 - How'm I Gonna Keep Myself Together
09 - The Owl And The Pussycat


Friday, August 25, 2006

With His Brains On The Table You Could Say He Was Out Of His Head

An album that has - unfairly - disappeared without trace. Barely a half dozen references to it found via Google.

Sue Jones-Davies is probably best known for Rock Follies and 'Life Of Brian', but before either of those she was fronting The Bowles Brothers - a nice little band that I saw in quite a few smallish venues around North London in the late 70s. They were hugely unfashionable in those punk- and post-punk days but for the discerning few who still held a candle for 'real' music they were a refreshing antidote to the noise.

Obviously derivative of Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks but none the worse for that - Dan Hicks was obviously derivative of Bob Wills.

The Bowles Brothers - Roger Buys A Fridge

01 - Charlie's Nuts
02 - Fito
03 - Dashed With Tabasco
04 - Outside Runner
05 - Just One Of Those Things
06 - Roger The Dodger
07 - A Game Of Chess
08 - Beguine Again
09 - Disparate Dan


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Been away, now I'm back


Sorry - I've been on holiday for a few weeks in Italy & so haven't uploaded anything for a while or responded to any comments. Sorry? Who am I kidding - I've been in Italy fer chrissakes!

Today's upload is the only album by Eg and Alice - thanks to my old mate Emil Thompson for the vinyl rip.

Coming soon to this blog (maybe - depends if I can find the vinyl): Dealing With The Dead by Plan 9, a band that features no fewer than five guitarists including the wonderfully named Eric Stumpo, Degenerates & Enflame by The Passage, Sunset Glow by Julie Tippets, a couple of unavailable Dory Previn albums, a couple of early Ian Matthews for the person who name checked him in the Robin Dransfield comments, maybe some Microdisney and Stackridge, and so on. I'm facing redundancy soon so there may be even more time for ripping and uploading!

Thanks for all the nice comments, it does my little heart good to know people are actually downloading these albums. - Sorry, anonymous, no marc brierly or meic stevens records. - Reimer, the RTV album is exactly as it is on the vinyl. I don't know a song called "He's the star of the blue-movies" but I do have Neil Innes' first 4 albums on vinyl so maybe some of them will come too. - Kevin & Karel, the 3rd Home album is the only one I still have on vinyl apart from The Alchemist, which I don't like particularly and is up in my loft where it's likely to stay, sorry.

Eg and Alice - Twenty Four Years Of Hunger

01 - Rockets
02 - In A Cold Way
03 - Mystery Man
04 - And I Have Seen Myself
05 - So High, So Low
06 - New Year's Eve
07 - Indian
08 - Doesn't Mean That Much To Me
09 - Crosstown
10 - IOU